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Fork Truck Mounted "Grip and Tip Function" Hydraulic Operated Drum Handler c/w On-Board Hydraulics - 900kg

Model:  UDH-580

SupaGrip Drum Grab
Supa-Grip Drum Handler
Dumping a Drum
SupaGrip Drum Grab Supa-Grip Drum Handler Dumping a Drum
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Supa-Grip Drum Handler with Large Diameter Range.

Supa-Grip Drum Handler - This device uses ultra-grip technologyDumping a Drum

Unfortnately this drum handler is no longer available. Please see our complete range of drum handling attachments for a possible alternative.

A superb range of multi-function dual axis drum handlers with 3-direction controlled dumping, moving, stacking, palletising, 180 degree inverting, 360 degree rotating in horizontal or vertical plane.

900kg Capacity

  • No need for hydraulic valve on truck or any truck modification.
  • Push button control up to 20 feet away.
  • Rubber lined jaws for improved grip.
  • Completely self-contained battery operated power pack.
  • Handles drums or other cylindrical objects.
  • Uses ultra-grip technology
  • 900kg capacity
  • Giant jaws 457 x 457 are available for extra.

Dumping capacity of an open topped drum is limited by the strength and rigidity of the drum itself. It must be capable of retaining its cylindrical shape while dumping the load.


Part N° Max SWL Max Fork Size (mm) Jaw Depth (mm) Distance between Forks (mm) Drum Type Drum Dia. Range (mm) Weight (kg)
580-12205 900kg 150 x 50 230 521 1 406 to 660 305
580-12206 900kg 150 x 50 230 521 2, 3, 4 210 / 220 LITRE ONLY 318

SupaGrip Drum GrabDrum Types

Drum Types

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