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Tractel “LCM 04” Adjustable Pole Strap for Work Positioning c/w Sliding Jaw Adjuster & X Hook. “Adjustable restraint Lanyard” – 2, 3 or 4m

Model:  LCM04 / TLSL-3893

Lcm04 Bent
Lcm04 No Sheave
 Tractel LCM04 Adjustable Polestrap with Protection Sheath
Tractel LCM04 Adjustable Polestrap No Protection Sheath
Protective Sleeve
Rope Size

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Tractel LCM 04 Support Lanyard

Lcm04 Bent

The work positioning lanyard LCM04 is a manually adjusted
tensioner-reducer. This device works on a low-stretch rope
with diameter of 12.5 mm and length of 2,3 and 4 m.The LCM04
is compact and ergonomic and perfectly suited for work positioning.


The lanyard LCM04 is equipped with a compact, ergonomic
tensioner-reducer. The device is made of high-strength cast
aluminium. The LCM04 is moved along the rope by simply
pressing on the tensioner jaw. In the event of a fall or loss of
balance, the tensioner automatically locks.

The unit is supplied with a low-stretch rope with diameter of
12.5 mm and length of 2m, 3m or 4m, equipped with a connector
M10 on the tensioner and a connector M40 on the end of
the rope.


Technical specifications

 Cast aluminum tensioner
 Low-stretch rope, diameter 12.5 mm PA
 Steel screw connector M10, 17 mm opening
 Flat connector with double safety latch M40, made of aluminum,25 mm opening

 strength 15 kn




Protective Sleeve

LCM04 Technical Datasheet Watermark.pdf

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