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Multi Use Aluminium Telescopic Ladders - Maximum Height of 6.25m

Model:  TAL-1304

Multi Use Aluminium Telescopic Ladders
Part N° Number of Rungs Per Section Closed Height (m) Height When In Use In Stepladder Position (m) Length When In Use In Lean-To-Wall Position (m) Front Profile Width (cm) Total Weight (kg) Profile Dimensions (cm L x W x H) Guide Price Quantity
1304-T2101 8 + 8 1.22 1.90 4.02 63 12.0 122 x 63 x 21.5 Quote Required
1304-T2102 10 + 10 1.50 2.42 5.14 63 14.2 150 x 63 x 21.5 Quote Required
1304-T2103 12 + 12 1.78 2.94 6.25 75 17.5 178 x 75 x 21.5 Quote Required
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Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladders.

This strong and durable ladder is telescopic and constructed with ribbed aluminium to increase strength and product lifespan. It is suitable for heavy duty professional application. The hinges and the profile are reinforced for extra strength and wear resistance. The sturdy base of this ladder is large to give maximum stability and safety for the user. Its light weight aluminium construction means this product is a user-friendly but high quality solution.

The hinges on this product allow the stepladder to be opened or closed without changing the position of the hinge. With only a minor adjustment to the hinge position the Scalissima Plus can be used as a rigid stepladder, or an extension ladder.

This product is in full conformity with the European Standard EN131 and ISO 9000

telescopic ladder braces scalissima plus

The quality steel blocking hooks on the Scalissima Plus are covered with tough and durable nylon, to increase product lifespan. There is also a small vision hole to allow inspection.

durable ladder hinges scalissima plus High quality hinges increase the durability, strength and lifespan of the product. These hinges also allow quick positioning.
telescopic ladder in extended position

The user-friendly rung distance of 28 cm and lightweight design make the Scalissima Plus the ideal solution for professional heavy duty use.

ladder end caps for svelt scalissima plus The durable knurled rubber feet increase the stability, wear resistance and user safety.
ladder end caps svelt scalissima plus

Safe knurled rubber feet for the inner ladder increase safety and product wear resistance.

unlevel surface ladder svelt scalissima plus The Scalissima Plus can be used on uneven levels easily making it ideal for a multitude of professional applications in different working environments.
compact ladder for easy transportation scalissima plus

The Scalissima Plus can be stored and transported very easily.

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