Sala "Manustop" Adjustable Pole Strap for Work Positioning c/w Sliding Jaw Adjuster and Snaphook. "Adjustable Restraint Lanyard" - 2m

Manustop locking and adjustment system.


AF764T2 / S2M-3803


  • locking and adjustment system.
  • Chromuim-plated high strength steel.
  • Double cam operated locking system.
  • intedrated connector.
  • 2 safety latch.
  • Strength >15kN.
  • Weight: 500g.


  • Polyamide.
  • diameter 12,5mm.
  • Braided.
  • Metal thimble.
  • Identification thread.

Snap hook

  • Strength >2500 daN.
  • Opening 18 mm.
  • High strength steel.
  • White nickle plated.
  • Double security.

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