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Mobile Steps Medium Duty GS Standard Approved Epoxy Powder Coated 5-9 Steps

Model:  MDMS-1364

Mobile Steps Medium Duty
Part N° Standard / GS Version Number of Steps Total Weight (kg) Platform Height (mm) Overall Size (H x W x D mm) Guide Price Quantity
1364-T2764 Standard 5 38 1150 2150 x 700 x 1150 Quote Required
1364-T2765 Standard 6 48 1380 2380 x 700 x 1285 Quote Required
1364-T2766 Standard 7 58 1610 2610 x 700 x 1420 Quote Required
1364-T2767 Standard 8 68 1840 2840 x 700 x 1550 Quote Required
1364-T2768 Standard 9 78 2070 3070 x 700 x 1685 Quote Required
1364-T2769 GS 5 43 1150 1850 x 730 x 1210 Quote Required
1364-T2770 GS 6 48 1380 2080 x 750 x 1415 Quote Required
1364-T2771 GS 7 52 1610 2310 x 780 x 1600 Quote Required
1364-T2772 GS 8 57 1840 2540 x 810 x 1790 Quote Required
1364-T2773 GS 9 61 2070 2770 x 830 x 1985 Quote Required
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Medium Duty Mobile Steps.

Medium Duty Mobile StepsMedium Duty Mobile Steps in use

These steps are available in two versions - as a standard step and also the GS version which is manufactured and approved to the European GS Standard. They are highly strong and durable units; and as such are suitable for many professional applications. Strength is ensured thanks to the fully welded construction. User confidence and safety are increased owing to the expanded mild steel mesh treads.

The lever operated safety bar helps deter access when steps are mobile. The epoxy powder coated finish helps to increase the longevity and durability of the steps. Access to, and work at height are made easier and safer for the user as these steps feature a large working platform, complete with safety rails.

The units are easy to move between applications because the units are mounted on wheels, and can be tilted by the user and moved easily on the wheels as required.

Rear Platform Handrail height:
Standard Version: 1000mm
GS Version: 600mm
Wheels: 2 x 200mm Black Rubber Tyred
1 x 100mm Polypropylene castor
Tread Size: 490 x 130mm
Platform Size: - Standard Version: 540 x 460mm Deep. GS Version: 540 x 300mm Deep
Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated Blue / Red Safety Bar

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