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LiftingSafety Permanent Lifting Magnet - Range 50kg to 2000kg

Model:  LPLM-4310

Lifting Magnets
Part N° Model Capacity for Flat Material (kg) Capacity for Rounded Material (kg) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
4310-T22785 LSLift 125 125 50 3 Quote Required
4310-T22924 EasySwitch Kit - for older LSLift/NEOLift125 - - - Quote Required
4310-T22786 LSLift 250 250 125 10 Quote Required
4310-T22925 EasySwitch Kit - for older LSLift/NEOLift250 - - - Quote Required
4310-T22787 LSLift 500 500 250 19 Quote Required
4310-T22926 EasySwitch Kit - for older LSLift/NEOLift500 - - - Quote Required
4310-T22788 LSLift 1000 1000 500 38 Quote Required
4310-T22927 EasySwitch Kit - for older LSLift/NEOLift1000 - - - Quote Required
4310-T22789 LSLift 1500 1500 750 67 Quote Required
4310-T22928 EasySwitch Kit - for older LSLift/NEOLift1500 - - - Quote Required
4310-T22790 LSLift 2000 2000 1000 85 Quote Required
4310-T22929 EasySwitch Kit - for older LSLift/NEOLift2000 - - - Quote Required
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Lever Operated, Increased air-gap capability

Lifting Magnets


  • Modern construction with importance on the longest lifetime also in heavy duty conditions.
  • Light classic design of the body.
  • Solid switching handle with safety locking.
  • Tremendous lifting capacity thanks to High-Energy Neo-dymium magnets.
  • Safety factor 3++.
  • Individual testing and certification for each finished magnet.
  • Increased air gap capability.
  • Suitable for flat and round material.
  • Ergonimical one hand switching.
  • Robust, low maintenance.
  • Made to CE and EN 13155 standards.


  • Everywhere with steel
  • In the workshop to load/unload machine tools
  • At construction sites to lift plates and structures
  • In the warehouse to handle plate and bar stock


  LSLift 125 LSLift 250 LSLift 500 LSLift 1000 LSLift 1500 LSLift 2000
Tested lifting capacity (kg) 375 800 1600 3200 4700 6000
Lifting capacity (kg) Flat material 125 250 500 1000 1500 2000
Circular material 50 125 250 500 750 1000
D of circular frofile min./max. (mm) 50/100 60/250 65/270 100/300 150/360 150/360
L (mm) 93 152 246 305 373 478
S (mm) 60 100 120 146 165 165
H (mm) 119 180 168 236 273 273
Weight (kg) 3 10 19 38 67 85

The LSLift Easy Switch Improves on the conventional Lifting Magnet Switch, by cutting the estimated time it takes to control the magnet by 40%

The EasySwitch can be sold as an addition to your product or as a Kit to install on other LSLift & NeoLift models yourself, as the EasySwitch system is fully compatible with all NeoLift & LSLift lifting Magnets.


  • Workshops - Load & Unloading machine tools
  • Construction Sites - Lifting plates & structural beams
  • Warehouses & Steel Stock Holders - Lifting plate & bar stock.

The Lifting magnet series LSLIFT is designed for high durability, even in the most arduous of conditions. Updated switching design ensures safe ON and OFF operation by using one hand only. The universal design of the pole shoes allow handling of flat and round materials. High workload capacity is achieved by using High-Energy Neodymium magnets. Nominal lift capacity includes a minimum safety factor of at least 3. Each magnet is tested individually and provided with a specific registration serial number and certificate. Magnets are also supplied with detailed instructions, which include special charts to clearly identify the safe handling criteria when considering size, surface and air gap of material to be handled.


Easyswitch Old
Easyswitch New
The old version of switching on the lifting magnet NEOLIFT. Pull the handle out of its locked position and Switch the magnet ON by turning the handle. Normally both hands are required to perform this operation. Improved version of switching on the lifting magnet LSLift via Easy Switch system. The new updated system allows you to switch the magnet on and off using just one hand, with a time saving of 40%

User Manual

The User Instruction Manual For the LSLift Series Lever Operated Lifting Magnet
(approx. 0.5Mb)

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