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Mobile Steps Large Working Platform Epoxy Powder Coating Handrail 2-5 Steps

Model:  LPMS-1354

Mobile Steps Large Working Platform
Part N° Description Platform Height (mm) Platform (W x D mm) Overall Dimensions When In use ( H x W x D mm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1354-T2498 2 Step 508 400 x 200 605 x 560 x 640 7 Quote Required
1354-T2499 3 Step 762 400 x 400 1445 x 560 x 860 13 Quote Required
1354-T2500 4 Step 1016 400 x 400 1690 x 560 x 1060 20 Quote Required
1354-T2501 5 Step 1290 400 x 400 1955 x 615 x 1450 25 Quote Required
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Large Platform Mobile Steps.



These steps are safe and strong. Durability is increased owing to the epoxy powder coating of the steps. The 3 to 5 step models feature a large working platform and non-slip injection moulded tread. The feet have inset castors which are sprung loaded, this gives greater mobility, but the unit grips firmly to the floor when body weight is applied as the castors retract. The 2 step model is available with or without post. For the 2 step model without post, select pricing option A, for the 2 step model with the safety post with handgrip, select pricing option B from the dropdown menu above.This is a cross section view of the spring loaded castors which this range is mounted on. The castors allow the steps to be moved easily, but they retract when weight is applied to the unit - ensuring the stability of the unit when in use.

mobile steps spring loaded castor

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