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Miller "Evac" Body Splint Stretcher For Vertical or Horizontal Rescue. Rolls-Up into a Very Small Lightweight Package

Model:  Miller Evac / EBS-2161

Miller Evac Body Splint Rescue Stretcher
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Troll Evac Body Splint / roll up stretcher.

1007046 - Evac Body Splint


  • The Troll Evac Body Splint was designed for confined space rescue.
  • The Evac Body Splint can be used either vertically or horizontally.
  • It is flexible when laid flat but becomes rigid when wrapped around the casualty.
  • Supplied with a storage bag .
  • Lightweight body splint ideal for confined space evacuation.
  • Fitted with foot supports, it can be lifted vertically.
  • Can be stored in a compact bag and is easy to transport.
  • Once wrapped around a casualty, it provides a rigid splint.
  • Padded shoulder straps provide extra support and protection for the casualty.

Technical Specification:

  • Raw material: Polypropylene Bed
  • Lifting straps: 44mm nylon
  • Length Open: 2m
  • Length Folded: 1m
  • Depth: Diameter 250mm
  • Weight: 5.48 Kg

Certification & Conformity:

  • European directive: 89/686/CEE
  • Norms: 93/42/EEC
  • EC type attestation: CA006969
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001: Version 2000
  • Certification number: 0333 AFAQ/CTH

Man in Evac
Miller Evac Demonstration Picture

Concerning straps for lifting a stretcher horizontally, for example the Evac Body Splint, please consider the following configuration of slings:

  • 2 x 0.6m, 0.8m or 1m sling, ref 1002916, 1002917 or 1003245, to lifting loops at top of Evac Body splint
  • 2x 1.2m sling, ref 1002918, to lifting loops at foot of evac body splint
  • 1x karabiner, ref 1028630, or similar (5x karabiners idf preferred for each connection instead of wrapping the sling to connect)

The shorter slings to the top of the evac body splint are intended to keep the casualty inclined with head up better comfort


The Miller Evac Body Splint allows a casualty to be extracted from a confined space and can be used to drag, raise or lower both vertically and horizontally.

When flat, the bed of the Evac Body Splint is flexible. When wrapped around the body of the casualty, it becomes rigid.

The splint has several lifting handles and an integrated casualty harness.


While there can be numerous sling configurations to move a casualty, in some cases lifting both horizontally and vertically, for this reason there is no instruction manual for the arrangement of lifting slings.  Our height safety training department can provide appropriate training which would include the correct methods to attach slings to the stretcher, plus other elements of lowering and lifting a casualty.  The recommended course is the R1-Advanced course which lasts a day and can cater for up to 8 delegates. Please note that it is a legal requirement for employees to be trained and competent in the use work equipment (including rescue and emergency kit) and this will be covered by the training course above.

Please Contact our sales team for Price on training course


Miller Evac Body splint Product Information

(approx. 1.9Mb)
Evac Body Splint Usage Summary.pdf

Evac Body Splint Usage Summary

(approx. 1.4Mb)
Evac Instructions.pdf

Evac Body Splint Instructions

Instructions on the safe use of the Miller Evac Body Splint
(approx. 0.6Mb)

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