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Imer TR225 (Special) Scaffold Hoist, 220v, 50m Working Height - 150kg Capacity, 2 Speed Lift

Model:  TR225 (Spec - EXTENDING BRACKET) / 125H-1016

Imer TR225 Special Adjustable Scaffold Hoist
Guide Price £ 2185.92  

Two Speed, Single Phase Scaffold Hoist c/w scaffold arm (extending) and back bracket.


  • High performance: 50m in 80 seconds.
    The hoist has a high performance and reduces the lifting time by nearly 50% compared with standard hoists. It can easily lift the load up to a height of 50m in only 80 seconds.
  • Entendable bracket.
    The 125H-1016 hoist is equipped with and extendable bracket which is adjustable in length to a maximum of 1120mm.
    With the bracket fully extended the maximum load of 200kg is maintained, which assists in handling of bulky loads.
  • Low voltage remote control (24v).
    The 125H-1016 hoist is equipped with 1.5m pendant control operating in low voltage (24 volts). The pendant control is fitted with a multipin connector which allows the use of 25m extension cables, available as an accessory, upto a maximum length of 50m.
  • IP 67 plug.
  • Dual lifting speed: 18/36 m/1.
    The hoist is powered by a dual speed electric motor, which allows a very fast lift up to a maximum height of 50m. The motor is controlled by a timer which allows a smooth start of the lift at 19m/min and then accelerates to a maximum working speed of 38m/min.
  • Quiet Running.
  • The working noise level of the hoist is 70db(A), equal to that of the average home noise level, making it easy to operate in any jobsite condition and taking account of the workers health and safety.
  • Wire-Hook Connection by Block and Wedge.
  • Locking the wire rope to the lifting hook by means of block and wedge ensures safe and reliable connection. Owing to the load weight, the rope tends to remain locked between the block and wedge. This allows simple and quick shortening of the rope.

Other Features

  • ARS Limit switch.
  • Carrying Capacity: 150kg.
  • Lifting Speed: 18/36 m/1.
  • Maximum working height: 50m.
  • Working Position lever.
  • Lift hook secures by self locking clamp.
  • Trolley attachment available for use with a gantry.

The Scaffold Attachment (back bracket)

Ensures the correct mounting of the hoist on the scaffold. In comparison to the clamp's attachments, the use of this accessory reduces the stress transmitted to the scaffold by spreading the load over a larger area. The scaffold attachment for hoists is also fitted with a pre-aligned-plate for locking the work positioning lever.

Connected to Extendible Frame Hoist

Connected to extendible frame hoist

*3 Point Scaffold attachment (Green)*

Connected to fixed bracket hoists and swivelling extension

Connected to fixed bracket hoists and swivelling extension bracket

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