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Miller "RAM" Black Sit Harness for Rescue, Maintenance and Mountaineering (Full Body Harness if Used with ITC Chest Harness)

Model:  Miller Ram Black / BRSH-2290

Miller RAM Black Sit Harness

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Troll Miller Black RAM Sit Harness.

Harness Features

  • The easy to fit lightweight flexible sit harness is suitable for Mountaineering
  • The belay connection link distributes the loads to the larger muscle groups to minimise discomfort and suspension trauma and maximise productivity.
  • Front ventral anchorage loop for rescue and rope access.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the ITC Chest harness for front fall arrest anchorage point.
  • Padded belt and leg straps provide excellent support and comfort during suspension.
  • Rescue technicians where the harness is worn for short durations only.


  • Troll Black range of height safety equipment is used by the armed forces (Royal Marines, Army, Airforce, RAF etc) and the Police / Fire and Rescue & the security services
  • The range is particularly suited to the TV (television) film and theatre industries for stunt work use and generally when covert concealed working at height is required

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