Quadpods for Man-riding and Rescue

Quick Ref: CN-1281
Quadpods for Man-riding and Rescue

Lightweight Rescue Quadpod (4 legs).

Lightweight and 4 legs, the quadpod is an excellent tool for cliff top or mountain rescue and confined space rescue with its Multi-positioning, easily adjustable telescopic legs that extend from 135cm to 230cm. Available with Self Tailing Capstan Winch (unlimited rope length). Manhandler (man-riding) Winch options are - 20m Galvanised Steel wire rope or 20m Stainless Steel wire rope. MightyEvak (fall arrest and rescue) options are 15m wire rope, 30m wire rope or 40m wire rope.

Certified manriding stable lifting structure, perfectly designed for moving submersible pumps.

The extremely lightweight, mobile portable quadpod, built using lightweight aluminium alloy section is available in WLL 500 and 1000kg models with an assembled weight of just 28kg and 36lbs (1.5m and 2m base options). They are easily carried, assembled and used by just one person, saving time, manpower and related expense.

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