Protecta Ascenders

Quick Ref: CN-1677
Protecta Ascenders

Right and Left Handled Rope Ascender for Climbing up a fixed rope.

Protecta AG563 Rope Ascent Handles are for use in conjunction with the foot loop to provide a means of safely climbing on a fixed rope. Compatible with ropes from 8 - 14mm diameter. Available as single left or right hand or both, also available is the foot loop.

Ascender Blocker for Climbing, Self Belaying and Cam for Rigging.

Protecta AG562 Ascension Cam Clamp for climbing a fixed rope belaying and rigging. Compatible with ropes from 8 - 12mm. Has a breaking strength of >20kN.

Chest ascender for climbing a fixed rope, connects to chest harness.

Protecta AG561 Sternal Ascension Blocker is for ascending a fixed rope and for connecting to a chest harness. Compatible with ropes from 8 - 12mm.

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