Eclipse Magnetics Lever Operated Permanent Lifting Magnets

Quick Ref: CN-1785
Eclipse Magnetics Lever Operated Permanent Lifting Magnets

Eclipse Lifting Magnet. Lifting magnets are quicker, easier to use and safer than slings, chains, hooks and grabs, and do not mark the finish of the load. Manual switching and permanent magnet technology mean installation and operation couldn't be easier and running costs are non-existent.
For general-purpose, cost-effective lifting. Locking mechanism to prevent accidental switching.
Simply hook to your hoist or crane and you're ready to go. Lifting awkward and heavy loads becomes a one man job. Access is only required to the load’s top face allowing more efficient use of your storage and handling areas.

Safety Lifting Magnet with shim which guarantees 3:1 safety factor. With 5 sizes available, the Ultralift Plus lifting magnet is suitable for lifting a wide range of loads in the factory or workshop. It's capable of lifting both round and flat section loads. It uses high power neodymium 'rare earth' magnet material for the highest power to weight ratio. The material is permanently magnetic, and switching the Ultralift Plus on and off is manual, so no power is required and it has no operating costs. You can use it almost anywhere - just hook it to your hoist or crane.

Thin Plate Lifting Magnet. The Ultralift TP is a manually operated permanent lifting magnet specifically designed for lifting thin plate and removing single sheets from a stack. Operating handle works like a car handbrake. A button on the end operates a safety catch which prevents accidental switching while a load is being held. Simply attach the Ultralift TP to the hook of your crane or hoist and you're ready to go Permanent magnets and manual switching mean no operating costs. A job that takes two men with hooks, chains or slings can be done with one hand using the Ultralift TP. No more struggles to attach heavy or awkward loads. No more worries about the stability of the load once it's lifted. Loads can be stored and accessed more efficiently as you only need access to the load's top face to attach the Ultralift TP.

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