Access Platforms

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Access platforms are used to carry, manoeuvre and lift people; to elevate a worker safety working at height. All our access platforms are manually manoeuvred (push travel); most are power / battery lifting though we also offer options that are manually lifted by hand winch. Otherwise known as mobile elevated working platform (MEWP) there design offers a multitude of special features whilst offering the user varying platform heights. They have been developed for indoor, low-level access allowing reach to a wider range of applications. Order pickers are easy to manoeuvre and fit through a standard door way; perfect for major project installations and for routine building maintenance with working capacity up to 200kg (Including operator weight) Working heights and platform sizes on our range of man access platforms and order pickers varies by manufacturer and product.

Our range of access equipment has been moved and updated.

Access Platforms
Quick Ref: CN-1169

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