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Tractel "CAROL Rescue" Man-Riding Wire Rope Lifting Winch - 20m/30m Max Rope Length

Model:  TMWC-3905

Carol Rescue Winch New Version
Tractel Carol Rescue Winch
Winch Cable Capacity
Length of Cable

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Manriding Winch Includes a Bracket for Fixing to the Tracpode Tripod, Safe Working Load 250Kg

Carol Rescue Winch New Version

The Carol rescue winch satisfies all rupture and endurance test requirements as per standard EN13157.

Cable is not included in the base price of this item, but is available at time of purchase in 20m or 30m lengths at extra cost.

The Carol winch can be used for work in suspension, if a second safety fall arrest is used.

Conforms to EN 363

Safe Working Load: 250Kg

Complies with machinery directive 98/37/CE and EN 1496A •

Technical Specifications

  • Drum and gear wheel mounted on bronze bearings.
  • Double braking safety by self-locking wheel and screw system and use of pawl brake with double spring.
  • Rigid frame with painted mechanical parts and drum.
  • Drum disengageable by easily accessible lever with safety device preventing disengagement when carrying a load.
  • Users and gears protected by ergonomic cover, removable for maintenance.
  • Simple, fast cable fastener.
  • Variable-length control crank handle (6 adjustment positions) allowing user to either apply maximum control force, or perform rapid cranking for small loads or rewinding.
  • Self-locking crank handle adjustment knob for maximum user comfort and safety.
  • Allows for the adjusting of the crank handle or removal of it to prevent operation of the winch.
  • Easily transportable by cross bar.

How bracket fixes to Carol Winch

Tractel Carol Winch Bracket Exploded Diagram
Tractel Carol Winch Dimensional Drawing
Force A B C D Emax/Emin(1) F G H J K L M N P Q R
20mm 250Kg 167 332 150 202 250/100 137 100 26 13 118 4x11 89 80 60 99 24.5
30mm 250Kg 195 360 188 260 250/100 182 130 32 18 142 4x13 111.5 93 70 144 36
2): for step of 30mm



Effort Required

to turn Crank

Lift per turn

of Crank

 Weight of Unit

(without Cable)

0 Maximum Capacity No of layers
 6.8mm 25m
 13.5Kg 17mm

1) : with the last layer rolled up and maximum length of crank(Emax)

2) :with the last layer rolled up
Tractel Carol Rescue Winch datasheet watermark.pdf

Tractel Carol Rescue Winch Datasheet

(approx. 0.2Mb)

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