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LiftingSafety Hydraulic Control Valve

Model:  HCV-513

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Control Valves for a Hydraulic Recovery Winch.

This system provides the highest levels of safety and ensures conformity with the EU machinery directive. The inlet port is usually open, until vehicle PTO is engaged. Pressure is then sensed in the control and the valve closes - willing to run on command by wanderlead or with the manual standby lever provided.

If it is necessary for the Emergency Stop to be activated, the supply is cut and the winch stops immediately. In the event of an electrical fault, the system will revert to safe mode.

Features Include:

  • Integrated fully wired system ready to install
  • Wanderlead control
    With 7m cable and fitted with heavy duty industrial socket
  • Heavy duty auxillary wanderlead socket
    Fitted with 9m cable length (additional sockets can be added as required).
  • LED Diagnostics
    Provided on operating and dump valve solenoids
  • Emergency Stop - compliant with EU machinery directive
    Fitted adjacent to wanderlead socket. Will also protect other hydraulic equipment installed such as ramp operating systems.
  • All wiring in protective flexible conduit
  • Manual control lever
    Can be used as a stand by or for fine speed control
  • System provided on mounting bracket
  • Valve and bracket painted black
  • Radio control can be provided pre-wired into the control
  • 12 months warranty on parts and service
  • Fitting service
    Full or partial fitting can be provided, including testing and certification
  • After sales service
    Technical advice given on winch fitting and component replacement, plus efficient overnight parts despatch and fast repairs.
Lifting Safety Hydraulic Control Valve

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