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SALA Mobi-Lok Vacuum Anchor Fall Arrest System - Two Systems for General Industrial Use or Aviation Industry

Model:  SALA Vacuum Anchor / VA-2789

Mobi Lok With Gas Mobi Lok Without Gas
Mobi-Lock with Gas Cylinder Socket
Mobi-Lock Without Gas Cylinder Socket
2 Man Lifeline Air Bottle Fill Station Hose Assembly
8m horizontal rope 2 man lifeline Air bottle CE marked 0.8l, 2068kPa (300psi) Fill station for air bottle from bulk tank Secondary Pad Hose Assembly 15m
Part N° Description Guide Price Quantity
General Industry Primary Unit, No Bottle Attachment, EPDM Rubber Pad Quote Required
General Industry Primary Unit, With Bottle Attachment, EPDM Rubber Pad Quote Required
General Industry secondary Unit, EPDM Rubber Pad Quote Required
Mobi-Lok, without bottle attachment + carry case Quote Required
Mobi-Lok, with bottle attachment + carry case Quote Required
Aviation Industry Secondary Unit, Skydrol Resistant Pads Quote Required
8m Rope Lifeline For Joining Primary and Secondary unit, thus Creating Horizontal Lifeline Quote Required
15m Secondary To Primary Pad Air Hose Quote Required
Air Bottle, CE Marked, 48 cu. in, 300psi Quote Required
Bottle Fill adaptor for Nitrogen Quote Required
Scuba Bottle Fill Adaptor (Diving bottle adaptor) Quote Required
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Self Contained Vacuum Anchor Point. For General Use or Specific to Aviation Industry.

Aviation industry Model With Gas Holder

With a Vacuum Anchor System at your workers’ side, they can anchor to virtually any smooth, non-porous surface simply by flipping a switch and waiting for the green light. So whether they need to repair a skylight atop a locomotive or repaint a section on a water tower, they’ll always be able to quickly, and easily put themselves where they need to be—without putting themselves in danger.

General Usage or Aviation Model?

The main difference between the general use Mobi-Lok and the Aviation specific model is that the aviation model has "skydrol resistant pads" meaning they are more suitable for fragile surfaces. However the general use unit is slightly more suitable for heavier duty usage, as is less likely to become damaged.

Fall Arrest Vs. Fall Restraint.

A Fall Restraint System is like a leash. It restricts its wearer from reaching a point where a fall could occur. In doing so, it also often restricts them from reaching a point where their work could occur. Unlike a Fall Restraint System, a Fall Arrest System can withstand the force of a fallen worker. So workers have all the access and freedom of movement they want, without compromising the safety they need. ALL our Vacuum Anchor Systems are Fall Arrest Rated and approved.

Less Work. More Productivity.

By eliminating the need to drill or weld, our Vacuum Anchor Systems decrease downtime and effort, and increase productivity. Your crew is never more than a few seconds away from having a secure anchor to hook to so they can work quickly and safely.

Lightweight Design. Increased Mobility.Mobi-Lok (General Usage) with Bottle Holder

New lightweight design makes the Mobi-Lok™ SCVA easy to transport and use. The new unit is 36% lighter, weighing in at just 9.0 kg and can be taken to the job site for routine maintenance and safety checks.

Worldwide Compliance.

All our Vacuum Anchor Systems are OSHA, CE and AS/NZS compliant, and are independently tested and approved for Fall Arrest applications.

Fail-safe And Foolproof.

All our Vacuum Anchors feature fail-safe back-up systems with audio alarms and a vacuum level indicator for absolute safety and security.

No Scratches. No Dents. No Kidding.

Our Vacuum Anchors feature soft, natural rubber/polybutadiene blend seals which enable them to fasten safely and securely without damaging the work surface.


Create a continuous anchor point for added safety and mobility by simply connecting a horizontal lifeline between two or more Vacuum Anchor Pads. Two person capacity.


Our most portable, user-friendly Vacuum Anchor System. Designed for basic, one-person use, this system is completely self-contained. No separate pumps, vacuum hoses or other components. It can be powered up quickly and easily with a single, on-board compressed gas bottle or a large capacity detached bottle, or shop air.

  • Main Support Assembly: Anodized Aluminum
  • Vacuum Seal Pad Material: Natural Rubber/Polybutadiene Blend (skydrol resistant on aviation model)
  • On-Board Compressed Gas Bottle Requirements: 3,000 psi,
  • Capacity: 140 kg ; One person
  • Minimum Vacuum Anchor Static Capacity: 15 kN
  • Shop Air Requirements: 80 – 150 psi

Key features-Benefits include:

  • Secure anchor point
  • Easy to use carrying handle
  • Fail-safe backup system with audio alarm
  • Shop air quick-connect
  • Natural rubber/polybutadiene blend seal won’t break down and will last in a harsh environment
  • Pad conforms to work surface as small as 1.52m in diameter for jobsite flexibility
  • Optional bottle attachment provides increased portability
  • Visual vacuum level indicator


System Weights:

  • Primary Pad: 18 lbs. (8.2 kg)
  • Primary Pad with onboard cylinder attachment: 20 lbs. (9.1 kg)
  • Primary Pad with onboard cylinder attachment and full cylinder: 23 lbs. (10.4 kg)
  • Secondary pad: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)

Electrical Specifications:

Four ‘AA’ lithium batteries (6.0 V).

Compressed Air Specifications:

Mobi-Lok Self-Contained Vacuum Anchor system requires 80 – 150 psi (550 - 1035 kPa)

Minimum Application Radius:

30 in. (76 cm)

Mobi -Lok Capacity:

Approximately 3,375 lbs. (15 kN) on unpainted surface.

Mobi -Lok Operationg Ranges:

  • Maximum altitude: Contact SELS for usages over 5,000 ft. (1500 m) above sea level.
  • Air Temperature: -20°F to 115°F (-29°C to 46°C)
  • Surface Temperature: -20° F to140°F ( -29°C to 60°C)

Pad Dimensions:

pad dimensions

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