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LiftingSafety Portable Capstan Wire Rope Lifting Hoist. Winch Available Electric or Hydraulic - Range from 500kg to 1500kg

Model:  PEW-3139

LiftingSafety Portable Capstan Wire Rope Lifting Hoist
Motor Type
Part N° Lifting Force Speed (m/min) Remote Control Weight (kg) Cable Dia. (mm) Rope Dia. (mm) Guide Price Quantity
3139-T5650 500kg 26 No 30 6 to 8 8 to 10 Quote Required
3139-T5652 1000kg 12 No 31 7 to 9 9 to 12 Quote Required
3139-T5653 1400kg 9 No 31.5 10 to 12 12 to 14 Quote Required
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Portable capstan wire rope hoist with infinite rope length and fast lifting speeds.

Electric Capstan Winch - Front Side
Electric Capstan Winch - Front Side

Hydraulic Lifting Winch
Hydraulic Lifting Winch

Cable Reeler
Cable Reeler

Cable Setup
Cable Setup

Pylon 4
Fitted to a Pylon

Extreme portable capstan lifting hoist for lifting tools and equipment; three options at 500kg, 1000kg and 1400kg capacity and the choice of electric single phase / 3 phase or hydraulic power supply. For use with steel cable when durability is needed or synthetic rope which is easy to handle, store and far less likely to cause damage to the load or the surrounding environment.

Our unique capstan lifting hoists are particular suited to lifting equipment in harsh, corrosive environments and  areas with poor access for example working on overhead lines (linesmen) water utilities industries, electricity pylons, underground mining, cable pulling, offshore and wind turbines.

Advantages of Capstan Hoists are:

  • Very simple to use.
  • The rope is easily reeved on to the hoist.
  • There is an unlimited cable length. (unlimited height of lift).
  • 100% duty cycle with the hydraulically driven option ans a choice of power packs (electric, petrol or diesel).
  • Choice of cable or rope for lifting.
  • Constant lifting in every position.
  • Extremely compact size for portability.
  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Hydraulic hoist particularly suitable for extreme environments such as permanent offshore use.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Can be used with a pulley system for increased capacity.

Safety Features Include:

  • Auto-blocking system : preservation of the adhesion without tension of the cable.
  • Precise hydraulic lifting control.
  • Negative brake will immediate stop of the winch in case of flexible break or hydraulic leak.
  • Hydraulic protection of connections / couplers and hydraulic system against shocks.
  • Anti-derailment protection for the cable.
  • Option for the supply of adjustable end stroke (limit switches).
  • Radio remote control as standard on the electric capstan options.

Universal Mounting Frame:

The universal mounting frame is used to create an anchorage point for the Hydraulic capstan hoist; for example on a pylon or on the ground in
order to maintain the winch in the right axis, supplied with straps and tensioners

Electric Motor Options:

The main types of this capstan hoist are available and they are as follows:

Capacity Lifting force Speed (m/min) Voltage Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) IP protection Remote control
500kg 0.5t 32 220v single phase 54 669 x 375 x 305
IP55 Yes (50m range)
500kg 0.5t 32 380v three phase 54 Yes
1000kg 1t 16 220v single phase 57
1500kg 1.5t 11 220v single phase 57.5

Hydraulic Motor Options

Standard features on the hydraulic motor are as follow;

  • Work positioning: 360°.
  • Dimensions: 420 x 300 x 220.
  • Recommended rope type: Aramid or gained compact kevlar.
  • Rope / cable capacity: unlimited.
  • Adjustable end stroke: Option.
  • Coeffecient for cable: 6.
  • Coeffecient for cable: 7.
Capacity Unloaded weight (kg) Cable dia. (mm) Rope dia. (mm) Type of rope Max. speed (m/min) Max. pressure / flow
500kg 30 6 to 8 8 to 10 Static 26 135/20
1000kg 31 7 to 9 9 to 12 12
1400kg 31.5 10 to 12 12 to 14 9

Optional Features

Storage Wheel
Mounting Frame
Fitted to Mounting Frame
Uncoiler Storage Wheel Mounting Frame Fitted to Mounting Frame

Dimenisional Drawings for Electric and Hydraulic models

Electric Dimensional Drawing

Electric Dimensional Drawing

Hydraulic Dimensional Drawing

Hydraulic Dimensional Drawing

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