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Tractel TOPAL PBF Fixed Single Lifting Beams - Range from 1000kg to 6000kg

Model:  TOPAL PBF / TTP-3331

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Pal-Beam Upper Hooking By Central Ring.

PBF and PEF standard fixed single beam spreader* or PBM and PEM adjustable single beam spreader, for suspension from above via a central ring, fitted with two separate compensating beams for new lifting possibilities with tilting of the beam and/or the compensating beams.

  • Lifting with compensating beams providing symmetrical or asymmetrical traction, slanting inwards or outwards (max. angle 15°).
  • Lifting with the beam tilted at 6° from horizontal: - Vertical traction with symmetrical compensating beams. - Slanting traction with asymmetrical compensating beams.
  • Available from 1 tonne up to 5 tonnes, in spans (L dimension) from 1 to 4 metres as standard. Longer and higher capacity units available upon request.
  • Chains not included. Lower hooks are optional.
Tractel Topal PBF
tractel topal pbf

Product Datasheet

Covers both the PBF (fixed) the and PBM (adjustable) range of lifting beams.
(approx. 0.2Mb)

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