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LiftingSafety Dead Weight Man Anchorage For Fall Arrest and Restraint System

Model:  DWMA-2335

LiftingSafety Dead Weight Man Anchorage Fall Arrest and Restraint System
Guide Price £ 1700.00  

Dead Weight Man Anchor.

Dead Weight Man Anchor

If there is no guardrail in place and the project doesn't need a permanent solution, choose the Man Anchor.

Easily assembled by one worker in under 2 minutes, the Man Anchor will take one man's weight for jobs such as surveying, remedial and maintenance work. working with most roof materials - concrete, steel cladding, asphalt, stone chippings, felt or single ply membrane, flat or on angles up to 15 degrees - the Man Anchor is the ideal choice.

A simple solution. A simple advantage.

  • The Man Anchor comes in thirteen parts to make transportation easier to the installation area and sits on shock resistant, heat resitive matting.
  • Because it is freestanding, one man can quickly carry out all the tasks assigned with no compromise to safety.
  • Around the UK, the Dead Weight Man Anchor is site proven and conforms to all necessary UK legislation.

Base Units

  • 800 x 150 x 20mm flat bar, mild steel to BS7613.
  • Sleeves on base unit, box section 60 x 40 x 4mm thick, mild steel to BS7613.
  • T Keys, 12m stainless steel rod, BSEN10025/S275.
  • Galvanising to BS729.

Spine Unit

  • Box section 60 x 60 x 4mm thick mild steel to BS7613
  • Sleeves, Box section 60 x 40 x 4mm thick, mild steel to BS7613
  • T Keys, 12mm stainless steel to BSEN10025/S275
  • Handle, 12mm rod, mild steel to BS7613, BS636343/36
  • Galvanising to BS729

Joining Arm

  • Box section 50 x 25 x 4mm thick, mild steel to BS7613, BS636343/36.

Fluted Ribbed Rubber/EPDM Sponge Matting

  • Self-adhesive
  • Non-Degradable
  • Technical sheet available upon request
  • Prevents heat build up, up to 100C


  • BSI ISO9001 Cert No. FM 38549
  • British Safety Council Member Cert No. 101377
  • Tested at the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL)
  • Cert No. PPE712000 MOKR

Dead-Weight Man-Anchor

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