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Unique 'Tenso' Two Part Ratchet Strap with Tension Accumulator, 50mm Wide Webbing, 9 metre or Custom length


Tenso Ratchet Lashing With Claw Hooks

With Claw Hooks

Tneso Ratchet Lashing

With Wide Hooks

End Fittings
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Ratchet strap with built in tension accumulator to ensure that the system is always taught.

Designed and manufactured cargo control equipment to the latest EN 12195-2. There is a broad range of systems available for a wide variety of restraint applications. Used for restraining heavier loads such as machinery, metal work, concrete pipes. Also used to retain loads such as motorcycles, suitcases, packing materials and many small loads. Can be used for threading through the vehicle side material to strengthen and operate the curtain or within small vans to secure all types of loads to the side of the vehicle.

  • Flexible Systems
  • Quality Assured
  • Innovation
  • Engineering Excellence
  • The First Ratchet Lashing Syetms with with Automatic Tension Recovery
Key Features
Tension Accumulator
Tension accumulator : 100% polyurethane with "shape memory" effect. Hardness: 80 Shore A
Progressive Release
Progressive release tightener.
Polyurethane Belt Rings
Two polyurethane belt rings for maximum safety.
100 Percent Polyester Strap
100% Polyester strap with maximum 4%* stretch
End Hooks
Tips : fastening systems for all situations.
Traceability Label
Traceability label with a unique identifi cation number.

*The EN 12195-2 standard imposes a maximum stretch of 7% on straps used for anchor tightening systems.

Heavy-duty Applications

Used for restraining loads such as machinery, metal work, concrete pipes.

Minimum 15000 cycles usage.

Patented 'TENSO' Anchoring System

Tenso Effect

Compensates losses in tension due to vibration etc. caused by road surfaces (uneven / pot holes), and general driving actions such as braking and cornering etc.

A 100% Polurethane 'Tension Accumulator ' (Hardness: 80 Shore A) built into the ratchet assembly / 'short part', squeezes under the tension of the ratchet tightening. At any point when on a normal system when the tension losesn, because the Tension Accumularor has 'Shape Memory' the TENSO returns to its shape (unsqueezed) and immediately copensates for any loss of thension.

This prevents the drivier having to stop and re-tighten the straps

Anchor Tension on the Load

Anchor Tension Standard Tenso
Anchor Tension Graph

Strap Tension Comparison

Strap Tension Comparison
Strap Tension Graph


  • Straps are permanently tight.
  • The risks of losing the load and causing a traffic accident are limited.
  • Bumps, shaking, bends and braking contribute to slackening the strap, the tension accumulator compensates this loss of tension without intervention being required.
  • The load is permanently stable during transport.
  • Supplied with 2 poyurethane belt rings (protection straps) to protect against abrasion from the strap and protect the goods.
  • Requires the user to use less force - Less effort required for tightening.
  • Time saving - less frequent stops to tighten the load.

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