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Pfaff Proline HU TP Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks - 3000kg or 5000kg (3 Options)

Model:  HU TP / PP-3168

Pfaff proline heavy duty pallet truck
Pfaff Proline HU TP Heavy Duty Pallet Truck
Part N° Model Lift Capacity (kg) Fork Length (mm) Height when lowered (mm) Lifting height (mm) Weight (kg Unit Price Quantity
HU 30-115 TP 3000kg 1150 85 115 95 Quote Required
HU 50-115 TP 5000kg 1150 90 110 240 £  6266.00
HU 50-200 TP 5000kg 2000 105 110 300 Quote Required
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Pfaff Silberblau heavy duty series pallet trucks for the handling of heavy loads with long fork option available.

These heavy-duty pallet trucks will meet all your load-carrying requirements up to five tons. They are ideal for transporting heavy items of machinery or palletized goods. Depending on fork lengths the 5.0 tonne models have different load centers. HU 50-115 TP with a fork length of 1150 mm has been designed for the transport of pallets. Choosing the longer forks with 2000 mm you can also transport heavy items of machinery in a professional and safe way. Both units are fitted as standard with steering and tandem load wheels made of steel.

Pfaff proline heavy duty pallet truck

Pallet Truck Specifications

Type   HU 30-115 TP HU 50-115 TP HU 50-200 TP
Lifting capacity in tonnes   3.0 5.0 5.0
Fork length in mm l 1150 1150 2000
Carrying fork width in mm 540 580 700
Fork width in mm e 160 210 210
Height when lowered in mm h¹³ 85 90 105
Lifting height in mm 115 110 110
Height of steering handle in mm h14 1200 1220 1220
Wheel size front in mm   200 x 50 200 x 50 200 x 50
Load wheel size rear in mm   82 x 70 80 x 80 80 x 80
Weight in kg   95 240 300

Pfaff Proline Heavy dims


Pfaff SIlberblau Documentation.

Operating, safety and service instructions.
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