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Edge-Guard Permanent Free Standing Guard Rail

Model:  PGR-2346

Permanent Free Standing Guard Rail
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Permanent Guard Rail.

The unique solution that's so versatile

When a permanent, post construction, flat roof edge safety system is called for this is a solution that's like no other.

Permanent Guard Rail

This patented guard rail system is completely freestanding which means no need to penetrate into the roof membrane.

  • Unlike other freestanding systems, our unique cantilevered design means no unsightly counterbalance weights and a reduced trip hazard, while a high performance rubber mat placed between the base and the roof surface ensures no adverse effect on new or existing roof guarantees. And for particularly delicate roof surfaces, a specially designed spreader plate gives added protection and peace of mind.
  • Edge protection or walkway - the choice is yours.
  • The system is reversable for totally unobstructed access. Ideal for fire escape routes or a safe passage around hazardous plant machinery or roof lights.
  • SELS can colour the system to suit you with a powder coated finish in a full range of colours.
  • It is not for aesthetics either, The finish makes the fully galvanised (BS729) system tougher, more durable and resistant to abrasion.

Who said safety had to be hard on the eye?

  • 48.3 O/D x 3mm thick, mild steel to BS7613.
  • Cleats, 60.3 O/D x 3mm thick, mild steel to BS7613. Galvanised to BS729.
  • 800 x 150 x 20mm, mild steel to BS7613. Galvanised to BS729.
  • Spigot, 60.3 O/D x 3mm thick, mild steel to BS7613.
  • 48.3 O/D x 4mm thick, mild steel to BS7613.
  • Galvanised to BS729.
Ribbed Rubber Mats
  • Self-adhesive
  • Non-degradable
  • Prevents heat build up, up to 100C
  • Technical data available upon request
  • All fittings used in conjunction with all Edgeguard's Guardrail System, Free-standing and Mechanically Fixed are malleable iron casting with galvanised finish to BS729.
  • The base unit has a 200mm adjustment to compensate for falls in roof levels.
  • Wall plate = 4 holes per plate.
  • Set drill depth gauge to 50mm, drill 7mm diameter hole.
  • raw plug and fasten with 50mm stainless steel screws.


Edge Guard Rail

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