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Dyneema (UMHPE) Round / Endless Lifting Extremely Durable Slings (wear/cut resistant) - Range from 10,000kg to 150,000kg

Model:  DRS-1144

Dyneema Sling
Dyneema Round Lifting Extremely Durable Slings
Working Load Limit Required (Tonnes) (e.g.15)
Effective Working Length Required (Metres) (e.g. 5)
Sling Type
Dyneema Core and Polyester Sleeve Dyneema Core and Dyneema Sleeve

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Abrasive resistant, lightweight, waterproof and extremely strong round slings.

The Dyneema Material has a high resistance against chemicals combined with a very high cut and abrasion resistance, leading to an excellent performance product.

The world's strongest fibre. Dyneema® is a super-strong polyethylene fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibres.

Dyneema is a synthetic / manmade material that is used for making easy to handle large capacity lifting slings that are flexible,  lighter weight and much more compact than polyester slings; unlike polyester Dyneema has excellent wear resistant and anti cut properties and is extremely strong.

Though these lifting slings are expensive to purchase they start to re-pay their original extra cost as soon as they are put into the work place lifting expensive heavy loads (without causing damage to the goods) with productivity and time savings all achievable due to the compact, light weight and easy to handle properties of the sling. Also Dyneema is a material that is soft to the touch and will therefore not cause damage to goods (usually). A further advantage is that as with all round slings there are none of the injuries to the user associated with wire rope sling, for example cuts caused by broken wires, manual handling or impact injuries.

Dyneema slings don’t absorb water and therefore they are particularly suitable for use offshore as used by shipping and the oil and gas industries. The alternative polyester sling will absorb the water and become much heavier and harder to handle. Additional methods of providing wear protection is with a wear sleeve, Corner protection and with polyurethane (Securtex)

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Dyneema slings are also referred to as HPPE (high-performance polyethylene), UMHPE/UHMWPE/UHMW (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) or HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) lifting slings.

Specifications Available

  • Working Load Limits available from 10 tonne upto 150 tonnes.
  • Effective Working Lengths are available from 2.5 metre up to 30 metres.


Especially designed for lifting sharp, heavy steel coils, but suit a wide range of lifting applications and operations;

Dyneems lifting slings are often used offshore and sub sea because they do not absorb water (as polyester does)

  • Made from High performance Polyethylene yarns.
  • Low Elongation (0.5%).
  • Easy Handling.
  • Fewer Injuries.
  • Lower utilisation costs.
  • Wear points can be shifted to extend life of sling.
  • Higher lifting efficiencies
  • Lower lifting costs
  • Less rigging hours
  • Save on labour costs
  • Less damage to the load
  • Save on medical expenses
  • The weight of these slings is approximately 55% less in comparison to polyester and about 80% in comparison to steel.

Further Information About Dyneema

Round slings made with Dyneema® deliver easier, safer, more cost-effective operations.

Today, there is a growing need to handle loads faster, more precisely, and—as labor costs rise—with fewer people.

For lifting applications, slings made with Dyneema® offer the same performance as traditional materials (e.g. steel wire or chain) while providing significant improvements in flexibility and handling.  In cable-pulling applications, Dyneema® offers many advantages in operations and speed.

What’s more, the lifetime cost of owning equipment with Dyneema® is lower due to superior abrasion resistance that makes slings and ropes made with Dyneema® “virtually indestructible,” according to some of the industry’s toughest customers.

For example, a lifting sling made with Dyneema® is less than half the weight (and only about 75 percent of the diameter) of an equivalent polyester sling - which means the same cranes can now lift heavier net loads.

Dyneema® is “with you when it matters” during difficult lifting, cable pulling, and industrial operations:

Challenging materials handling

Tough lifting jobs—such as rolled steel coil which is not only heavy, but has razor-sharp edges—can quickly defeat standard slings.  Heavy steel rope slings pose hazards of their own to both workers (e.g. back injuries) and delicate loads alike.  Slings with Dyneema® address all of these challenges, standing-up to sharp or abrasive conditions and taking the weight off personnel—providing both with a longer useful life..

Utility industries

  • In environments subject to extremes of weather, temperature, UV exposure, or harsh chemicals, ropes and slings with Dyneema® remain in optimal service longer. The material is unaffected by salt water and maintains its strength underwater.
  • For power cable pulling, Dyneema® offers much lighter weight when working at great heights, it floats (to greatly speed and simplify broad water crossings), and it doesn’t conduct electricity which can aid in complex crossings with ‘hot’ power lines.

Emergency services and military use

  • In critical situations around the world, emergency first-responders and military personnel have come to rely on slings made with Dyneema® when strength, precision and reliability have “life or death” consequences.

Salvage operations

  • In salvage operations on land or sea, the safety of your crew is “Job #1.” By offering salvage crews greater flexibility of positioning, easier handling due to lighter weight, and consistent performance, wet or dry, Dyneema® has become a trusted part of some of the world’s most renowned salvage teams.

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