Turnbuckles with Hooks

Quick Ref: CN-1470
Turnbuckles with Hooks

Crosby Hook & Eye Turnbuckles for Holding And Tensioning This is our range of Crosby HG225 Hook and Eye Turnbuckles, they are supplied with end fittings that are quenched and tempered. The body of each is heat treated by normalizing. Working load limits are available from 180kg to 2.27 tonne. All the Crosby turnbuckles are supplied hot dip galvanized for long life in corrosive areas. Lock nuts available for all sizes. Fatigue rated

Crosby Hook & Hook Turnbuckles for Holding And Tensioning

Here we offer Crosby HG223 Hook and Hook Turnbuckles. The extremity fittings (hooks) are quenched and tempered, the body is heat treated and supplied galvanized steel to ensure that this top quality product is corrosion resistant. These Crosby hooks are forged with a greater cross sectional area which results in a stronger hook with better fatigue properties. Lock Nuts available for all sizes. Fatigue Rated.

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