Stainless Steel Steps and Ladders

Quick Ref: CN-1850


Mobile Steps.

This is a high quality range of mobile steps; featuring all welded construction, 25mm 16 swg tubular food grade 304 stainless steel. This ensures the ultimate in-built strength, remaining corrosion-resistant at the same time. The product's stainless steel treads are covered in a Safety Walk resilient Antislip surface, which is hard wearing, and crucially is oil, water and chemical resistant.

Mobile Steps.

These steps are constructed from tubular food grade 304 Stainless Steel and are ideal for use in canteens, kitchens, hospitals etc. They have grey non-marking rubber wheels at the front to enable the steps to be tilted forwards and easily wheeled into position. The treads are covered in a Safety Walk resilient Anti-Slip surface. The units are designed in such a way that they require virtually no maintenance.

Lightweight Static Steps.

These steps are ideal for use within the food and drinks industry where it is vital to avoid any build-up of ingredient spillage, as the materials used in the construction of these stops enable them to be regularly sterilised, helping to avoid cross contamination. The treads are covered in a non-slip resilient surface to increase stability. Available with or without the handle.

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