LiftingSafety EN795 Roof Top / Dead-weight Anchorage Points

Quick Ref: CN-1875


Dead Weight Man Anchor.

If there is no guardrail in place and the project doesn't need a permanent solution, choose the Man Anchor. Easily assembled by one worker in less than 2 minutes, the man anchor will take one man's weight for jobs such as surveying, remedial and maintenance work. Working with most roof materials - concrete, steel cladding, asphalt, stone chippings, felt or single ply membrane, flat or on angles up to 15 degrees - the Man Anchor is the ideal choice.

Dead Weight Anchor System for roof top working. This Portable Cantilever Deadweight Anchor requires no attachment to structural members. It's easily moved across roof surface, removing need for multiple attachment points. Rope lines held away from edge of building reducing risk of abrasion. It provides full fall arrest protection before approaching edge. Aluminium, galvanised and rubber coated parts requiring minimum maintenance. Installed, the system is extremely stable and will not migrate across the roof surface either in normal use or when arresting the fall of both a worker and a rescuer up to a 200kg limit. KSAccessAnchor has been designed for easy transportation and installation with no part over 25kg or 2 metres.

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