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Tractel TOPAL QS / QR / QX Hooks for Horizontal Plates - Range from 1500kg to 10,000kg

Model:  TOPAL QR / TTQ-3313

QR - Double hooks for horizontal plates (for use in pairs)
QS - Simple hooks for horizontal plates (for use in sets of 4 with lifting beam)
QX - use in pairs and 1 2-legged sling
QR Double Hooks for use in Pairs QS Simple Hooks for Use with Lifting Beams QX in Pairs and 1, 2 Legged Sling


Part N° Model Opening - Min-Max (mm) WLL - Per pair (kg) Weight - Each (kg) Single Angle - Min-Max Min Chain Ø (mm) Price per piece Unit Price Quantity
QS3 0-300 0-300 3000 20 50°-60° 10 Yes (not per pair) £  347.68
QR3 0-300 0-300 3000 36 50°-60° 8 Yes (not per pair) £  677.34
QR6 0-300 0-300 6000 46 50°-60° 10 Yes (not per pair) £  744.12
QX10 120 0-120 10000 60 50°-60° 18 Yes (not per pair) £  1098.16
QX10 210 0-210 10000 75 50°-60° 18 Yes (not per pair) £  1446.90
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Simple (QS) or double (QR/ QX) hooks for lifting horizontal plates individually or in bundles. QX : also enable the separation of horizontal piled plates.

QX - use in pairs and 1 2-legged sling

Safe working loads of 1500kg, 3000kg and 10000kg.

*** Price is per clamp and does not include the chain sling.


QS: use in 4s with lifting beam and 2-legged slings.
QR: use in pairs and 1 4-legged sling.
QX: use in pairs and 1 2-legged sling.

  1. Suspend the sling(s) previously fitted with the hooks.
  2. Make sure there is clearance under the load to position the hooks.
  3. Insert the hooks under the load making sure they are lined up and centered in relation with the load centre of gravity (balanced load). The load should be driven home into the throat of the hooks.
  4. Perform a first lifting operation so as to ensure the hooks are well inserted and that the load is well positioned.
  5. Set down again if necessary so as to adjust the hooks’ positioning.
  6. Perform lifting.

QX : Separating plates function

  1. Insert the pointed end of the hook into the plates’ joint.
  2. Separate one sheet from the others slowly.
  3. Insert a wedge under the load taken off and then set down again.
  4. Repeat the operation on the opposite side so as to enable the lifting.

Safety Instructions

  • Make sure plates are always driven home into the throat of the hooks.
  • The plates must be rigid enough not to bend while lifting operations are led.
  • Adhere to the recommended sling angles : 50 to 60°.
  • Considering the load length and weight, use 1 or several pairs of hooks to perform lifting.
  • QX: load mini width : 390 mm.
  • QS/ QR: do not permit separating plates.
  • QX: do not use for separating fragile sheets (risk of load damage); separate only 1 sheet at once.
  • For safety’s sake, never leave hooks on the floor, pointed end upwards, when not in use.
  • Working temperature: -20° to +100°C.



Lifting of horizontal plates.
Model Capacity (kg) Opening (mm)
Tractel TOPAL QR
QR3 0-300 1500kg 0-300mm
QR6 0-300 3000kg 0-300mm
Tractel TOPAL QS
QS3 0-300 1500kg 0-300mm
Tractel TOPAL QX
QX10-120 10000kg 0-120mm
QX10-210 10000kg 0-210mm


QR T 6020 GB rev 2.pdf

QR Technical Data Sheet

(approx. 0.4Mb)
QS T 6019 GB rev 2.pdf

QS Technical Datasheet

(approx. 0.4Mb)
QX T 6021 GB rev 2.pdf

Qx Technical Datasheet

(approx. 0.3Mb)

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