Tree Surgeons Fall Arrest Positioning Harness

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Tree Surgeons Harnesses

We offer fall protection for tree surgeons, people An Arborist (or arboriculturist) is a professional dedicated to the management of trees, woodlands and forests, also encompassing professional titles such a logger or forester. We offer a small range of tree surgeons harnesses though do plan to expand this range in the near future. Our harnesses are available as sit harnesses or as full body harnesses and covers both standards EN358 for when only work positioning is needed and EN831 for when the tree surgeon need to deploy rope access techniques (suspended working at height)

Tree Surgeons Fall Arrest Positioning Harness

Tree Trimming Harness to EN361 & EN358. Protecta Tree Surgeons Harness is a quality fall arrest and work positioning harness the tree climber harness is a model of performance. By integrating a belt with an ergonomic back pad, 4 D of positioning, with 2 central points, as well as its stiff stand this harness allows for comfortable work during long hours. The harness features 2 x 2 work positioning D rings, attachment dorsal D ring, adjustable positioning belt, elastic shoulder straps, adjustable thigh and shoulders straps, adjustable chest straps, an abdominal cushioned pad, cushioned back pad and rigid seat strap tool holders. Polyester width 45 mm, Breaking strength > 2700 daN. Available in sizes M, L and XL
HT greentool harness developed for users working suspended over a void or working in difficult positions at heights to EN361 & EN358. The Greentool HT harness comes with a open-cell cellular foam securing waist belt which is sealed and rigid. The exterior side is made of waterproof woven polyamide which is highly resistant to abrasion. The interior side is lined with terry cloth to absorb the user's perspiration. The belt is equipped with a rigid work saddle implementing the same design as the securing belt which is adjustable to the workers body. The harness also features polyester webbingz, automatic adjustment buckles made of stainless steel and aluminum, striated rectangular buckles made of stainless steel, attachment ring made of zinc-plated steel, belt and saddle made of sealed cellular foam, interior side lined with terry cloth and exterior side made of woven polyamide. Saddle frame made of steel.
Tree Surgeon's Wide Work Positioning Belt and Sit Harness. For Arborists Using Footlock Ascent Techniques.

Petzl Sequoia Tree Climbing Sit Harness has an extra wide, semi-rigid waist belt that offers great support and exceptional ventilation. It's easy to slip on with the fast waist belt and leg loop buckles. The ventral attachment bridge provides lateral mobility. Distribute the pressure evenly between the waistbelt and leg loops (three positions, Adapt the length of the ventral attachment bridge, attach the rings or the swivel directly to the attachment bridge, also with five equipment loops with protective sheath and two rings for attaching a hand saw. Available in 2 sizes: Size 1 - Waist belt 75-104cm, Leg loops 53-66cm. Size 2 - Waist belt 97-125cm, Leg loops 55-75cm.

Tree Surgeon's Wide Work Positioning Belt and Sit Harness. For Arborists Using Single Rope Ascent Techniques. The harness has a waist belt and suspension seat lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort when suspended, a ventral attachment bridge which is attached to the waist belt and to the leg loops by two gated rings in order to: distribute the pressure evenly between the waist belt and leg loops (three positions), adapt the length of the ventral attachment bridge or install two ventral attachment bridges. To attach the ring S or the swivel directly to the attachment bridge ventral attachment point and the rear waist belt buckle, used to attach the Croll ventral rope clamp for ascending a single rope. There's two lateral attachment points transfer the weight evenly around the waist belt for comfortable surface-supported work, five equipment loops with protective sheath, two rings for attaching a hand saw, slots for Caritool tool holder and a waistbelt equipped with self-locking double-back buckles

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