Tractel Wire Rope & Accessories

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Tractel Wire Rope for Use with Tirfor, Minifor and Tirak Systems

This category is mainly populated with Tractel lifting equipment accessories for use with the Tractel family of wire rope pulling and lifting machines; the Tractel Tirfor, Tirak, Minifor, Jockey. Accessories include steel wire rope with and without realer, Safety Pins, Anchoring hook, Telescopic Operating Handle, Tirfor Series Sheave Blocks and Coni-Klam Wire Rope Grippers. We also include Tractancrage Ground Anchor - Screw type, Ground Anchor with Rods (2 anchor plates) and Ground Anchor With Rods (3 anchor plates). We also offer in this small category Tractel load positioners which are basically a unique piece of lifting equipment that automatically adjusts its position to the centre of gravity when on a wire rope sling, keeping the load level and safe. 

Tractel Wire Rope & Accessories

Wire rope & accessories for use in Jockey, Tirfor, Minifor and Tirak machines from Tractel. Wire Rope kits for use with Tractel lifting and pulling machines: Jockey, Jockey J5, Tirfor TU-8/T-508, TU-16/T-516, T35/TU-32/T-532, scarfor systems, Minifor TR10/30/30S/50 (new models), Minifor TR10/30 (older models), Tirak X-Series, L-Series, T-Series.
Accessories for use with Tractel lifting and pulling machines: Anchorage options, wire rope reelers including the coilamatic, pulleys and sheave blocks, wire rope grippers and strainers.
Automatic load positioner for rope sling.

When lifting, the rope sling locks itself around the ring thanks to a round turn and the polyurethane coated pads will engage and grip the inner wall.


For Use with cable pulling machines from all manufacturers.

Pulley blocks, hinged, with single steel sheave capacity 1000 - 6400 kg. One side of the Yale pulley blocks is hinged and can be opened for easy and quick positioning of the wire rope on the sheave. It can also provide a quick and versatile rigging point or redirect a wire rope.

Available in 4 different models with different capacities and rope diameter: 1000kg-7mm, 2000kg-13mm, 3200kg-15mm, 6400kg-18mm. Available with Optional extra of a Clevis fitting.

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