Welder's Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses

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Harnesses for Hot Work Environment, from Miller and SALA, Buy now at Very Competitive Prices!

This category is for fall arrest harnesses used for engineers who need to carry out hot work duties while working at height such as welding, cutting, burning and grinding! Most fall arrest harnesses are made from Polyester and will be damaged very quickly when used for hot work. Welding splatter will instantly render a polyester harness unserviceable; one impact of welding splatter on a polyester based harness means the harness is no longer safe to use and should be immediately withdraw from service and not at the end of the task or working day! The welders harnesses are made from materials that are resistant to direct heat including flames, welding splatter, sparks etc. These materials include Kevlar and Nomax which have a much higher melting point than other materials used in height safety harnesses. Welders' harnesses are resistant to effects of hot work though can still be damaged if not protected or subjected to conditions beyond the recommendations of the manufacturer. As with any height safety harness care should be taken to protect the harness from any form of potential damage which includes the effects of hot work. 

Hot Work fall arrest harnesses are designed to be resistant to direct heat such as welding splatter or grinding. This means that the fibres of the harness are not likely to be damaged and therefore the harness will still be capable of arresting a fall.
Some people wrongly use a 'standard' budget quality polyester harness for cutting and grinding (hot work) with the intention of replacing the harness on a regular basis, this is wrong! The harness should be replaced as soon as it is first damaged, not at the end of the shift or weekly; this is simply too late and will not keep the user safe, this practice is unacceptable, unsafe and should not be condoned.

  • Made from Kevlar and Nomex
  • Resistant to Welding Splatter and Grinding Sparks
  • Suitable for Hot Work
  • Complies to EN361
Welder's Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses

SALA 1 Point Kevlar/ Nomex High Temperature Harness with Rear D Ring. SIZE IS MEDIUM. Conforms to EN361

SALA Hot Work Harness high temperature welders harness uses special webbing constructed from flame resistant Nomex outer with a Kevlar core, webbing with a 425°C char temperature resistance level. This innovative webbing is as flexible and soft to the touch as any traditional webbing. With adjustments on the chest, shoulders and legs it provides a perfect fit to give maximum comfort and safety during work. Available in size M.

Miller 751K Kevlar / Nomex 1 Point full body harness with single adjustment point, mating buckles and back D-ring. Complies to EN361.

Miller Basic Welder harness combines Kevlar and Nomex to resist high temperature and welding spatter, with a single adjustment point, mating buckles and a back D-ring. Available in sizes S, M and L.

Miller 650K Kevlar / Nomex 1 Point full body harness with sub-pelvic support strap, tool belt loops, mating buckles and back D-ring. Complies to EN361.

Premium Welder Harness with sub-pelvic support strap, tool belt loops , mating buckles and a back D-ring. Available in sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL.

P&P (Pammenter & Petrie) 2 Point High Temperature Harness with Front and Rear D Ring. Conforms to EN361 Two point, fall arrest harness, with 3 bar slide and rectangular link, leg and chest connections. Adjustable length shoulder straps with a 3 bar buckle to ensure the chest strap is positioned over the sternum area.

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