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Motorised 24VDC Drop Test Clamp

Model:  MDTC-4151

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Crane slung drop test clamp.


Not currently available. Please see our other remote release clamps for a possible alternative.

Drop test clamp  (motorised)

Method of operation

  • The clamp is hung from a crane hook by the Ø80mm hook ring.
  • The clamp is connected to a control box with a 24VDC supply via a 5-core cable (earth, positive, switched feed, drop signal and negative return see sketch)
  • The object to be dropped is connected to the clamp by a ring, typically a chain master link.

The clamp works by an electric motor turning a camshaft. The main drop cam has a hollow segment so that when it aligns with the release arm the jaws of the clamp can open. A high torque brush less stepper motor is used to drive the clamp, the control inverter is used to lock the motor in position The motor drives the cam via a toothed belt and overrun dog clutch. The dog clutch protects the motor and drive from the release torque by allowing the camshaft to accelerate ahead of the drive. A limit switch controls the motor so that the drive rotates the camshaft through 180º in successive steps.

Loading the clamp

  • The clamp should be in the open position from the previous drop.
  • If it is not. Then press the push button on the clamp for 5 seconds, the clamp will open.
  • Place the ring into the mouth of the clamp.
  • Press the push button on the clamp and hold for 5 seconds.
  • The clamp will close and move to the lifting position.
  • Isolate the power.

Releasing the load

  • Lift the load to the required height.
  • Energise the system.
  • Press the release button on the control for 5 seconds.
  • The clamp will move to the release position and the load will be dropped.

Dimensional Diagrams

Dtc Diagram
Dtc Diagram 2

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