SALA EN795 RSJ Anchorage Points

Quick Ref: CN-1635
SALA EN795 RSJ Anchorage Points

Aluminium beam anchor for use on steel i-beams.

This is a portable and lightweight anchorage point which is easy to install and can be adjusted in seconds, also it can be used either horizontally or vertically. Available to fit beam flanges up to 91.44cm width and 6.5cm thickness.

Glyder2 lightweight sliding beam anchor for use on steel girders, with quick and easy installation.

Glider 2 Beam Anchor's integrated ratcheting adjustment system provides quick and easy installation and removal, its unique guarded mechanism protects the anchor from accidental disengagement. Replaceable synthetic wear pads eliminate metal to metal contact reducing friction which provide smooth and effortless operation.

Adjustable width trolley anchor designed to move along horizontal beams with an attached fall arrest system.

The Trolley can be adjusted to the exact size of the beam flange, by a series of holes in the load bar, and a dial system on the side plates. The side plates of the Trolley may be demounted, for a mid-span installation, or for removal for inspection. Each of the trolleys 4 steel wheels contain non corrosive double-shielded wheel bearings to insure the smoothest movement during use.

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