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Hoisting Wheelbarrow, Lifting Hoist Mounted, 200kg capacity

Model:  Scaffold Hoist Barrow / HWLH-4195

Anti-Puncture Tyres Required
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Scaffold Hoist Wheelbarrow - Polypropylene Body

Wheelbarrow Blue

The "Hoisting Wheelbarrow" is perfect for applications that require a load to be portable and liftable. It is suitable for most forms of Construction, Gardening, Agricultural work, etc.


  • Resistant to both High and Low Temperatures (-50°C / +60°C)
  • The Full product is Recyclable
  • Can withstand a force of up to 4000kg without breaking
    Note - for safety purposes: please keep to the stated capacity
  • Made from a consistent batch of Polypropylene
  • Uses a ribbed tray for better durability and strength


  • Body
    Hard Wearing Polypropylene Tray allows for upto 200kg (or 6 cubic ft of sand / 100 litres of water)
  • Tyres
    Anti-Puncture Tyres
    350x8" pneumatic wheel with inner tube in butyl and 4PR tyre (4 layers) as standard. (Optional anti-puncture tyre available upon request)
  • Frame
    Cold galvanised frame, resistant to chemical and oxidant substances, 30x1.5mm of thickness.
  • Colour
    The Hoistable Wheelbarrow comes is available in 3 primary colours:
Wheelbarrow Red
Wheelbarrow Blue
Wheelbarrow Yellow
Red Blue Yellow

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