SALA Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reels to EN360

Quick Ref: CN-1571
SALA Small Personal Fall Limiter Fall Arrest Inertia Reels to EN360

SALA "talon" single leg lightweight tie-back retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) webbing lanyard, 3.1m in total length, 0.9m of tie-back webbing, 2268kg gated (snap) hook. Complies to EN360
The Industry’s First SRL that Is Designed to Withstand the Forces and Wear Associated with Tie-Back Use. Main Features include Unique snap-hooks with 2268kg gate strength designed specifically for tie-back use. Eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector, minimizing cost and installation time. Three layers of webbing in the tie-back area of the lifeline provide more abrasion resistance for added safety. 1m of tie-back webbing ensures that the lifeline can be anchored around most structures. Covered external shock pack reduces the forces imposed on the user and also acts as an impact indicator for visual inspection. Compact, lightweight design does not hinder movement providing added worker satisfaction and productivity. Quick-connect handle allows it to be mounted directly to a harness.
SALA "Talon" single leg lightweight webbing retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) lifeline with working ranges from 2.9m to 3.2m. Complies to EN360

The Sala TALON webbing self retracting lifeline is CE marked and conforming to the standard EN360. SRL’s extend and retract automatically, allowing the user move and work within a recommended working area, at peek efficiency and comfortably at normal speeds. The Talon is an extremely lightweight device weighing under 1.2 kg and it has an overall length of 3 metersor over depending on the connector used.Extremely lightweight device under 1.2 kg. Overall length of 3 meters or over (depending on connector). Available in 3 versions and compatible with connectors from the SALA range of detachable connectors. Version available with incorporated swivel. Unique direct attachment system for harnesses.

SALA "Talon" twin leg retractable (Self retracting) webbing lanyard, 60mm throat opening aluminium hook on each lifeline, includes Delta™ Comfort Back Pad and two Lanyard Keepers. Complies to EN360
Twin-Leg 100% Tie-Off Design Provides Continuous Fall Protection and Added Mobility.The industry’s first twin-leg SRL is truly unique and innovative. Quick-connect handle and built-in strap secures SRL directly to the harness and keeps unit in position. Two separate 1.8m lifelines extend and retract as the worker moves, providing continuous fall protection without restrictions. Impact indicator on each lifeline makes inspections quick and easy. Compact, lightweight design does not hinder movement providing increased worker comfort and productivity. Durable nylon plastic housing features a non-obtrusive design with rounded corners, providing all-day comfort. Meets EN 360 CE standards.

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