Most Recently Updated Products

Below is a list of some of the most recent products and information which have been updated on liftingsafety.

Retractable (Self retracting) Lifeline (SRL) with Rescue Device, 15m rope length stainless steel or galvanised. EN360 (fall arrest) and EN341 (Auto descent) Exclusive design provides both fall arrest with assisted rescue capabilities and automatic self rescue for ultimate versatility. When in Fall arrest mode, the Unit stops falls within few decimetres and limits the forces to 6kN for less for added safety. Features Assisted rescue procedures can then be implemented either at the mode selector or remotely with a First-Man-Up™ pole. Self rescue mode automatically lowers the user to the next level after a fall. Lightweight and long lasting durable reinforced plastic housing. Incorporates a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation. 15 m cable extends and retracts automatically enabling the user to move around the work area protected. i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System is built-into every unit to track inspections, control inventory and manage information. Designed to meet worldwide standards including CE EN360 and EN341.
The counterweight has independently adjustable legs for use on uneven ground. Utilises readily available barbell type weight plates (not included)
Pneumatic or Electric Power Tool for use with Gebuwin Hand Winches
Worm Gear Hand Winch, with Single or Double Drum, Optional Finish and ATEX Rating.
Extremely portable and light-weight pole hoist ideal for confined space hoisting. Up to 9m HOL dependant on SWL.

Ideal for use in confined spaces because of the low headroom design allowing the lifting wire rope hoist to be used in very tight spaces that conventional lifting equipment can not fit. Just one tube hoist can be a simple solution for replacing several lifting and handling devices to the portability.

Features: Light in weight, alternative speed of lift, automatic fail-safe braking system, 2-speed manual operation for minimal operator effort. Speed governed descent allows smooth, effortless precise lowering. Fast for light loads, slow for heavy loads.

Portable Lightweight Leanover Davit Arm, Specials and Bespoke Designs are available. Top quality made in the UK.

This type of light weight portable davit lifting arm is mainly manufactured from galvanized mild steel though can also be manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel if required. Many of our customers from the offshore oil and gas industries utilise our davits in either aluminium or stainless steel as the working environment demands.

Portable capstan wire rope hoist with infinite rope length and fast lifting speeds. Extremely portable capstan lifting hoist for lifting tools and equipment; four options of SWL at 500kg, 1000kg, 1400kg and 1500kg capacity and the choice of electric single phase / 3 phase or hydraulic power supply. For use with steel cable when durability is needed or synthetic rope. Advantages: Very simple to use as the rope is easily reeved on to the hoist, unlimited height of lift, 100% duty cycle with the hydraulically driven option, extremely compact size for portability which is sturdy and reliable. Hydraulic hoist particularly suitable for extreme environments such as permanent offshore use. Relatively lightweight and can be used with a pulley system for increased capacity.

Pfaff Electric Wire Rope Winch, for lifting, towing and positioning of loads.
Gebuwin wall or floor mount worm drive winch, driven by a powered drill or cordless screwdriver.
Pfaff Electric Wire Rope Winch ,for lifting, pulling and positioning loads under difficult conditions.
ExoFit NEX oil and gas industry harness, reflective material, seat with lifting D-rings and rear extension strap.
ExoFit NEX utilities harness with built in work positioning belt, Duo-Lok quick connect buckles and gear loops and connectors.
ExoFit NEX cross over fall arrest harness with belt. Duo-Lok quick connect buckle adjustment, front and rear attachment points.
ExoFit NEX fall arrest rescue harness. Duo-Lok quick connect buckle adjustment, front and rear attachment points and shoulder rescue points.
LiftingSafety Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block with Retrieval/Rescue Function - Galvanised Cable - Options from 12 to 65 metres. Retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) fall arrest block. 6 different lengths. Complies to EN360.
Manriding winch rated at 204 kg (450 lbs) working load limit with 2 cranking speeds. The UCL Advanced Digital Series Winches are rated for a maximum working load of 450 lbs with an 11:1 safety factor. This winch offers 1 or 2 cranking speeds capable of retrieval/descent at average speeds from 13ft/min (4 m/min) up to 30 ft/min (9 m/min). Available in 3 standard sizes, 100, 200 and 300 Series winches holding up to 300 feet of 3/16" (5mm) diameter cable/rope. This winch also accommodates various diameters of cables up to 3/8" and ropes up to 5/8". All cable/rope assemblies come with a double locking swivel snap hook with overload indicator.
Sala Aluminium Tripods with Adjustable Locking Legs, Safety Chain, Safety Shoes, Top Pulley and Quick Mount Bracket.
Stainless Steel Worm Gear Hand Winch, Suitable for Sea water and chemical installation.
Fibre round / endless lifting slings. Available in various configurations (Core either HPPE or Polyester - Sleeve either HPPE of Polyester - Or Both HPPE)
Spring Recoil Cable reelers to suit 230v, 110v and 400v hoists; options for 3 or 4 cores, 1mm, 2mm and 2.5mm cable width

Series 5K & 7K Cable Reels have an external case manufactured from shock resistant plastic and are suitable for applications both with cable manually controlled and fitted on machines with automatic cable retraction. This range of drums features a ratchet stop every 50cm which can be easily disconnected if constant traction of cable is required. All slip rings have brass rings and brushes. Series 6K Cable Reels are similar to the above but have an external case manufactured from die cast aluminium.


Top Quality Made in the UK, High Tensile Steel Long Shank Collared Eye bolts to BS529 M10 to M30.

Long thread collared eyebolts to BS529 are available with capacities from 250kg to 4000kg with thread sizes from M10 to M30, thread sizes are as follows.

Metric tread long collared eye bolts are available in the following sizes - 0.25t, 0.4t, 0.5t, 0.8t, 1t, 1.6t, 2.5t, 4t.

Neodymium Permanent Lifting/Handling Magnets.

The use of NEOdymium magnets allows for a very compact construction and yet extremely high lifting capacity even in bad surface conditions. Two poles allow for handling of plates and other flat materials as well as rounds, like bars and tubes.

Features: Smooth operating mechanism; V-shaped pole shoes for flat and round materials; Operating handle locked in both positions to prevent unintentional operation; Robust construction; Striking red colour; German "GS" certification (Safety approval); Supplied with manual, test certificate and CE declaration of conformity

Steel Shear-leg / Tripod with a variety of feet options to suit most working environments.
Web connector strop lanyard for connection of a harness to retractable lifeline.
LiftingSafety Kernmantle Rope Restraint Lanyard with Scaffold Hook and Snap Hook - 5 Choices in Length from 1m to 2m Fixed length rope restraint/work positioning lanyard with aluminium dual action scaff and snap hook.
Quality assured and flexible British manufactured one part ratchet strap lashing systems. Designed and manufactured cargo control equipment to the latest approved international standards. There is a broad range of systems available for a wide variety of restraint applications. Used for restraining heavier loads such as machinery, metal work, concrete pipes. Also used to retain loads such as motorcycles, suitcases, packing materials and many small loads. Can be used for threading through the vehicle side material to strengthen and operate the curtain or within small vans to secure all types of loads to the side of the vehicle
Portable, compact and versatile pivoting man-hole cover lifter designed for effortless single person operation.
Wide mouth/opening shackle with nut, bolt and cotter pin for added safety.
LiftingSafety Adjustable Restraint Lanyard with Snap Hook and Scaffold Hook - Webbing Length 1.5m or 2m Adjustable webbing restraint/work positioning lanyard with aluminium double action snap and scaffold hook.
LiftingSafety Kernmantle Rope Adjustable Restraint Lanyard with Scaffold Hook and Karabiner - Length 1.5 or 2m Adjustable kernmantle rope restraint/work positioning lanyard with scaff hook and karabiner.
LiftingSafety Kernmantle Rope Restraint Lanyard with 2 x Snap Hooks - 5 Choices in Length 1m to 2m Fixed length kernmantle rope restraint/work positioning lanyard with double action aluminium snap hooks.

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