Most Recently Updated Products

Below is a list of some of the most recent products and information which have been updated on liftingsafety.

Atex certified manual push and manual chain drive geared travel trolleys

Tiger trolleys are designed to provide smooth and easy traversing along the beam. The anti-drop plates design ensure extra safety and also prevent damage to wheels when contacting end rail stoppers.

Internal Adjustable and External Scaffold Hoist Props.
  • 200kg capacity.
  • The Internal Adjustable Prop adjusts from 2m to 3.3m.
  • The External Prop consists of an Internal Prop and a conversion kit with ballast.
  • The prop has limited dimensions and can be dismantled for storage and transportation.
  • The External Prop allows the hoist to be mounted outdoors where overhanging support points are not available.
Scaffold hoist attachment for fixing a scaffold hoist to scaffolding. Can be used with Swivel Extensions.

Ensures the correct mounting of the hoist on the scaffold. In comparison to the clamps attachments, the use of this accessory reduces the stress transmitted to the scaffold by spreading the load over a larger area. The scaffold attachment for hoists is also fitted with a pre-aligned-plate for locking the work positioning lever.

Single Phase Scaffold Hoist includes scaffold arm (extending) and back bracket.

This scaffold hoist is for the lifting professional and is powered by a high speed electric motor. Features include a carrying capacity of 150kg. Input supply voltage 240v, lifting speed: 30 m/min with a maximum working height: 40m. The lift hook secured by self-locking clamp. Electrical protection IP 67 plug. Working position locking lever and fitted with top limit switch.

Wedge shaped bucket for use with scaffold hoists.

This product is designed for lifting materials using a scaffold hoist.

Options are available in the following capacities: 45 litre, 90 litre or 120 litres

Scaffold Hoist Lifting Hooks at 60kg capacity.
  • Maximum Capacity: 60kg
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Length: 360mm
  • Height: 410mm
  • Width: 65mm
2 or 4 Bucket Carrier.

The Bucket Carrier is designed for use with a Scaffold Hoist.

Options for the lifting of 2 or 4 buckets are available.

Single Phase Scaffold Hoist Includes scaffold arm (extending).

Top quality scaffold hoists also known as builders hoists made for professional use. Suitable for many other applications other than the building trade we often sell these hoist in to heavy industry.

Single Phase Scaffold Hoist Optional scaffold arm and back bracket.

This is a high Quality Scaffold Hoist rated at 200kg SWL and 30mtr Working Height and a lifting speed of 19mtr / min. the trolley attachment available, for use with a gantry and the hoist is fitted with upper limit switch and IP 67 plug, very quiet operation and supplied complete with 1m ip 65 pendant electric cable

Single Phase scaffold hoist c/w Scaffold arm.

Scaffold Hoist Features include a capacity of 150Kg SWL and a lifting Speed: 18,5 M/Min. The working height is 25mtr, fitted with upper limit switch and the plug IP 67 and pendant control has 3 push buttons complete with 1m IP 65 electric cable, very quiet running, Lpa Db (A)< 75 and easy to install, designed for professional use.

Yale LX Economy 'Low Cost' Load Moving Skates.

Yale LX Basic Load Moving Skates are available in the following sizes - 6t or 12t.

These three point loading systems comprise of a steerable front and a pair of adjustable rear skates. The heavy load moving systems are supplied ready-to-use.

Mobifor anchorage system is a mobile, dead weight anchor device for use on roofs up to 5 degree pitch.
Free Standing Counterweight Anchor Point.

SALA Counterweight Anchorage has a non-penetrating design which does not attach to the working surface reducing the possibility of damage, with built in shock absorbing post providing added safety to the user and structure. Suitable for use in general concrete, steel or asphalt construction. Freestanding Counterweight Anchor includes sixteen 20.3kg plates, roof post, base and D ring. Single Counterweight only 20.3kg.

Fully Automatic Drum Tongs.

This is designed for handling 210 litre drums of the steel tight head, open topped, L Ring plastic or Mauser varieties. Operation is fully automatic allowing the truck operator to complete the whole operation without leaving his seat. This may be fitted under a fork mounted hook, fork or carriage mounted jib. Vital piece of drum handling equipment when positioning drums.

Fibre round / endless lifting slings. Available in various configurations (Core either UHMPE or Polyester - Sleeve either UHMPE of Polyester - Or Both UHMPE)
Round Lifting Slings (Fibre Endless Slings) with circular/tubed body (thinner and more rigid when compared to standard round slings).
Abrasive resistant, lightweight, waterproof and extremely strong round slings.

The Dyneema Material has a high resistance against chemicals combined with a very high cut and abrasion resistance, leading to an excellent performance product. The world's strongest fibre, Dyneema® is a super-strong polyethylene fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibres. Dyneema is a synthetic/manmade material that is used for making easy to handle large capacity lifting slings that are flexible,  lighter weight and much more compact than polyester slings; unlike polyester Dyneema has excellent wear resistant and anti-cut properties and is extremely strong.

MH Machine Lifting Jack MHS 50, MHS 100, MHS 250.

Multi-functional lifting jacks ideal for low-height lifting or working in confined spaces. These jacks can be used vertically or horizontally and the 25000kg model has an adjustable screw for easy handling.

The 5000kg and 10000kg models have a 3600 rotatable claw making light work of loads. Pump levers can be removed for even better mobility.

Small semi-electric battery powered stacker truck.

This semi electric mini stacker has a unique perspex chain protection, ideal for lifting and transporting work pieces and also working in a limited space such as a lorry or a container. Easy to fit with optional multi purpose attachments.

Four Fork Attachment.

This is the solution to wide load handling. This is designed for use when handling extra wide pallets or long product such as steel or plastic pipes, steel flats, plastic extrusions or timer. The truck forks slide into the inner sleeves and the outer forks support and balance the load for safety and the reduction of product damage. The attachment fork length must not exceed the truck forks length by more than 50%.

Hydraulic Load Movers.

This is used for professional transport of heavyweight items, ideal for delivery, removal, maintenance and assembly applications. Only available as whole set which includes two transport units with hydraulic lift and built-in securing straps of 5m with handles for direct wheel control. Maximum load capacity of 1800kg.

Stainless Steel nut and bolt type safety shackle with captivated locking pin.
Alloy lightweight Gantry, Adjustable height and width with folding lateral legs. Moveable under load.

6 options; top quality German manufactured adjustable light weight alloy lifting gantries; this is our mobile version - with Castor's and movable under load. Movement under load is subject to risk assessment and must be on a suitable, smooth and level surface and be carried out by a competent person. The gantry has vertical adjustable on the central vertical column and also horizontal adjustment that is quick and infinitely adjustable. Each of the legs / vertical supports collapses for ease of transport.

Corrosion resistant fall arrest eyebolts made from aluminium also known as a restraint eye bolt or a fall arrest anchor point. Conforms to EN795
Tractel Bravo hand lever chain hoist for lifting, pulling and tensioning. Optional overload limiter.

Lightweight and portable with simple controls.

Bravo models, available from 1/4 to 6 tons, are suitable for a wide variety of lifting, pulling and tensioning applications: for lifting and lowering loads in manufacturing and assembly operations, removing engines, rigging and moving loads, applying tension to conveyor belts and a wide range of other applications. Available in sizes 500kg, 750kg, 1500kg, 3000kg, 6000kg.

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