Newest Products

Below is a list of some of the most recent products and information which have been added to liftingsafety.

Atex certified manual push and manual chain drive geared travel trolleys

Tiger trolleys are designed to provide smooth and easy traversing along the beam. The anti-drop plates design ensure extra safety and also prevent damage to wheels when contacting end rail stoppers.

Fibre round / endless lifting slings. Available in various configurations (Core either UHMPE or Polyester - Sleeve either UHMPE of Polyester - Or Both UHMPE)
Round Lifting Slings (Fibre Endless Slings) with circular/tubed body (thinner and more rigid when compared to standard round slings).
Ratchet strap with built in tension accumulator to ensure that the system is always taught.
Stainless Steel nut and bolt type safety shackle with captivated locking pin.
Stainless steel pump lifting chains with a master link (lifting point) every 1000mm.
Pump Lifting Chain with Lifting Points at 1000mm Centres, manufactured from AISI 316 Stainless Steel.
Cromox stainless steel master link sub assembly for us with 3 or 4 leg lifting chain slings.
Cromox stainless steel master link for single or 2 leg chain slings.
Hackett ATEX manual geared (chain driven) travel beam trolley.
Hackett geared (manual hand chain driven) travel beam trolleys.
Hackett beam clamp with shackle suspension point. Can be used to an angle of 45 to the vertical (decreased WLL).

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