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Yale HSY Repair and Maintenance Set - 4000kg or 10,000kg

Model:  Yale HSY / YRAM-3635

HSY Universal Repair Maintenance Kit.
Yale HSY Repair and Maintenance Set
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Universal repair and maintenance sets provide hydraulic force for universal applications.

HSY Universal Repair Maintenance Kit.

Maintenance sets are indispensable in factories and workshops. They provide controlled hydraulic force for universal applications, such as pressing, straightening, lifting, flattening, pushing bolts, bending, spreading, tensioning, etc. The plug-in connections allow easy combination of all accessories. Both, plunger and cylinder base are equipped with the appropriate plug-in connection for extension tubes and all accessories.


Model Capacity (tonnes) Stroke (mm) Extension Tubes (mm) Weight (kg)
HSY-400 4 118 495, 420, 215, 155, 75 21
HSY-1000 10 152 685, 455, 255, 105 35

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