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Yale "AL" Ratchet Lever Hoist. Lightweight Aluminium Body - Pull Lift range from 750kg to 3000kg

Model:  Yale AL / YRLH-202

Unfortunately the Yale AL Ratchet Lever Hoist has been Discontinued. Please click to be re-direct to the full range of Yale Ratchet Lever Hoists to find a suitable alternative.

Model Yale AL

Capacities from 750kg up to 3000kg

Information on the safe use of lever hoists

Hoist Features

The enclosed housing, hand lever and hand wheel are made from high quality aluminium.

Due to precise needle bearings the hoist can be operated with little effort.

Its low tare weight is an advantage. when the hoist has to be frequently carried over longer distances to different assignments.

This universal ratchet hoist should not be missing in any service truck. The chain guide is cast into the body to ensure faultless chain movement.

The standard free chaining device serves to quickly attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist in both directions. Yale chain ratchet lever hoists are suitable for use across industries, including the oil and gas industry.
N.B. Yale hoists and trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose!

Yale Lever Hoist Information

Yale Hand Lever Hoists are versatile, portable units for pulling, tensioning, lashing and lifting of loads. The operation of the Hand Lever hoists is easy and safe.

Light weight, robust malleable cast iron model, free chaining, slip clutch, stamped steel- or aluminium housing, low operating effort - in the Yale product range you will always find an optimal hoist for every type of operation. The brake system of all Yale hand lever hoists are based on the original Yale patent of the British engineer Thomas A.

Weston dating back to 1875. All parts of the load brake are made of high quality materials and are protected against corrosion.

The engineering principle behind the load brake finds its rightful place in all hand lever hoists world wide. Yale exclusively uses asbestos free friction discs in all their hoists.

The surface protected zinc plated alloy steel chains fulfil all the requirements of national and international standards and regulations.

In accordance with safety regulations, the chain stops are designed to withstand double the rated capacity to ensure the chain does not unintentionally run free.

The drop forged load and suspension hooks that yield under overload instead of breaking, are made of high tensile steel and are standard for all Yale hoists. The hooks are fitted with robust safety latches and rotate 360°.

yale al ratchet lever hoist in pulling application

Technical Information

Capacity (kg) Number of Chain Falls Chain Dimensions d x p (mm) Lift with One Full Lever Turn (mm) Handle Pull at WLL (daN) Weight with std. Lift (kg)
750 1 6.3 x 19.1 30 16 6.4
1000 1 6.3 x 19.1 30 22 6.6
1500 1 7.1 x 21.2 16 18 10
3000 1 10 x 30.2 14 28 18

yale al dimensional drawing

Capacity A min (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) D1 (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) J (mm) K (mm) L (mm)
750kg 315 20 22 14 - 300 106 47 59 154 49 105
1000kg 325 23 23 16 - 300 109 47 62 154 49 105
1500kg 380 27 26 20 - 300 138 60 78 177 74 103
3000kg 455 36 33 24 - 400 168 75 93 212 94 118

LiftingSafety Review:
Made from aluminium the Yale AL is naturally light weight though we believe it is also unique having never come accross another lever hoist being made from alloy. The ratchet mechanism on this lever hoist is very fine needing little movement of the lever to engage the ratchet. One of may options offered by Yale!
AL_Operating Manual .pdf

Yale AL Lever Hoist Operating Manual

These instructions are intended to acquaint the user with the hoist and enable him to use it to the full extent of its intended capabilities. The operating instructions contain important information on how to handle the hoist in a safe, correct and economic way. Acting in accordance with these instructions helps to avoid dangers, reduce repair cost and down time and to increase the reliability and lifetime of the hoist. Apart from the operating instructions and the accident prevention act valid for the respective country and area where the hoist is used, also the commonly accepted regulations for safe and professional work must be adhered to.
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Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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