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Mobile Steps GS Approved/Standard Work Platform & Handrail Tubular Steel Construction 2-5 Steps

Model:  WPMS-1356

2 Standard Step
2 Step Standard Mobile Steps 3 Step Standard Mobile Steps 4 Step Standard Mobile Steps
Part N° Standard / GS Version Description Platform Height (mm) Platform Size (W x D mm) Overall Size (H x W x D mm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1356-T2637 Standard 2 Step Without Handle 500 400200 575520510 8 Quote Required
1356-T2638 Standard 2 Step With Handle 500 400200 1245520510 11 Quote Required
1356-T2639 Standard 3 Step 770 400400 1470550840 22 Quote Required
1356-T2640 Standard 4 Step 1020 400400 17205501040 25 Quote Required
1356-T2641 Standard 5 Step 1140 400460 19806651160 28 Quote Required
1356-T2642 Standard 6 Step 1370 400460 22107501320 31 Quote Required
1356-T2643 GS 3 Step 470 400200 1330510620 15 Quote Required
1356-T2644 GS 4 Step 735 400400 1445620870 17 Quote Required
1356-T2645 GS 5 Step 980 400400 16906501040 23 Quote Required
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Work Platform Mobile Steps.


mobile platform steps mobile steps standard version

This image shows the 4 step standard option

This image shows the 3 different GS Approved steps available in this range. These are the 2 step model with handrail and the 3 and 4 step models.

Suitable for a multitude of applications these steps allow the user to feel safe and confident whilst working at height. Available as a standard version and also as a GS version which is manufactured and approved to the European GS Standard. The tubular steel frame ensures strength and is fitted with 4 retractable swivel castors. These mean the steps can be moved easily, making them suitable in many environments for numerous professional applications. The rubber wheels are non-marking, ensuring the steps do not adversely affect any surface they are used on. The stability of the steps is ensured because when body weight is added the castors retract, and the rubber feet remain firmly in contact with the ground. Wheel Spec: 80 mm dia swivel rubber tyred.

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