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Yale Wind Turbine Wire Rope Hoist - 250kg or 500kg Capacity

Model:  Yale Enercon / 2TRH-2637

 Windmill Wire Rope Hoist  Wind-Mill Wire Rope Hoist Multi Image
Windmill Hoist Typical Yale
Windmill Hoist Typical Yale2

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Turbine Rope Hoist.

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Type RPE 25-20 WM RPE 5-12 WM
pulling force 250 daN (kg) 500 daN (kg)
Lifting speed 20m/min by 50Hz 12m/min
Standard operating voltage 20V/400V 230v
Intermittent duty N/A S2 - 15min
ED rating 40% by 240 cycle per hour 40% by 240 cycle per hour
Rope specification Dia. 4mm (DIN3060 SE 1570) Dia. 6 DIN (DIN3060 SE 1570)
Gear ratio i=32,9 i=27,125
Wind-mill wire rope hoist

This image shows the hoist in position. This item is designed for use in the erection of wind turbines, where items, components and tools need to be raised to the top of the column to allow construction. Wind turbine components, like blades, booms, counterweights, generators and tools to be positioned for the installation. 


This winch is ideally suited for this. It is single phase, and has an excellent duty cycle and excellent lifting speed.

This product has been designed exclusivley for use in the construction of wind turbines.

Installation arrangement Installation arrangement

Technical Drawings

Wire Rope Hoist - Dimensions

Wire Rope Hoist - Dimensions

Windmill wire rope hoist left Windmill wire rope  hoist right

LiftingSafety Review:
Designed by Yale specifically for the routine maintenance of onshore and offshore wing turbines. Average lifting speed though slower and restricted lift height compared to other options. (For example our ABA hoist 31H4-2639)

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