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Wind Turbine Davit Arm - Range from 250kg to 1000kg, (others available on request)

Model:  WTDA-2662

Wind Turbine Davit Arm
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Davit Arm Swing Jib Crane.

We can also supply a fall arrest system to stop a falling load in the event of mechanical failure.

Davit Options

  • Safe Working Load: 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg (others on request).
  • Height to Eye: 2000mm (others on request).
  • Reach Required (mm): 760mm, 1060mm1500mm (others on request) .
  • Socket Type: Surface Mount Socket, side (wall) mounted socket or inverted socket.
  • Folding Jib Rotation Arm: optional, to assist manual rotation of the davit arm when under load.
  • Material Type: Galvanised Steel, off shore specification (450 grams per square metre) or, manufactured from Stainless Steel.
  • Hoist Type: Electric wire rope Hoist – 240, 110 or 415v and Manual hand operated winch.


Supplied with a Manual and Electric wire rope hoist.  The manual hoist acts as a back-up though is also commonly used to raise (and lower) the electric     winch from the sea going vessel.

  • Hoist mounting: The Electric hoist is mounted on to a foot plate fabricated to the Davit socket; the winch wire is then deflected over a pulley wheel.
    This is for ease of installation and to avoid unnecessary manual handling that would otherwise be required raising the winch.
    Quick release mountings are combined into the design.
  • The hand operated hoist will be mounted directly on to the davit arm, removable if required.
  • Hoists Height of Lift: Up to 120 metre
  • Electric hoist: Lifting speed up to 45 metre / min. Optional 110v 230v or 415v.
    Low voltage pendant controls.
    Holds the load in the event of a power failure.
    Armoured cable power supply wander lead fitted with plug if required.
  • Hand hoist: Hand operated wire rope hoist with worm / spur gear drive to hold the load in the event of the user letting go of the handle.
    Up to 120 metre rope capacity.
  • Painted or stainless steel design.
  • Weather protection: Fabricated / galvanised weather protection canopy for the electric wire rope hoist, bolted onto the foot mounting plate. Waterproof canvas jacket also available.

Split Pole Davit

Davit arm swing jib crane for offshore wind turbine installation

Lean Over Type Davit

Vertical Lean Over Type Davit Arm

Davit Cranes With Spark Resistant Features / Explosion proof.

SELS can include any anti-sparking features that our customers specify on Davit lifting arms that we manufacture that are intended to be used in potentially explosive areas / atmospheres (Zone 1 & 2 etc...) – These features will the davit’s anti-sparking properties and therefore make the crane more suitable for use in such potentially explosive environments!

SELS will not to take the responsibility of supplying our Davit cranes described as 'spark proof' or ‘Explosion Proof’ as this is ‘too broad’ a term. We believe that total compliance is probably impossible because of the mechanical operation and movement of a davit crane; i.e. we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that no part of the assembly is capable of generating a spark capable of igniting a flame! We supply / manufacture our cranes with anti sparking features according to the requirements and specification of our customers and therefore we ask our customers to provide a detailed specification and not just ask for Saprkproof or explosion proof . Our cranes have been successfully supplied to customers in the offshore Oil and Gas industry in the UK on the basis.

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