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MANUAL - Trailer Floor Crane. For Easy Movement Around Site Or For Highway use - Range to 5000kg

Model:  TFC-3146

Trailer Floor Crane
Road use version
Site use only version
Trailer Floor Crane Road use version Site use only version
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Transportable floor crane which fits to the trailer hitch on the back on any vehicle. Top quality made in the UK.

This is our standard range of heavy duty floor / workshop cranes adapted to be pulled / towed by a vehicle. These are mainly used to transport within customers works (on site) though we also supply fully road legal for towing behind a car or van on the public highway. There are two sets of wheels fitted to the rear of the crane, a small set of load bearing castors for performing the lift and a pair of road legal pneumatic tyres for towing behind a vehicle. As the crane is tilted back to put on to the tow bar the small set of castors automatically come off the floor. We can supply with optional quick release mudguards, lighting board, trailer braking and jockey wheel dependant on whether the crane is going to be used 'on site' or towed on the highway.  Please contact our sales department with your requirement as all of our towable floor cranes are made to order. The hydraulics system is sealed, specially designed to be rotated with-out air locking!

For dimensional information please see the 'Downloads' Tab above, these drawing do not show the tow bar or road wheels, please treat them as an indication of our capabilities.

Note: The pictures shown are our artists impression only and are only indicative of our capability. (for display purposes only) All cranes are made individually and the the design may be subject to change according to your required specification; the pictures are not to scale, general arrangement drawings will be issued for approval on receipt of your order.

We can also supply with many other standard and optional extras as per the list below.

  • Optional stainless steel design, suitable for offshore or food production / pharmaceutical.
  • Directional locking Castor's
  • Overhead crane lifting points
  • Special painting for offshore use
  • Extremely robust extra heavy duty construction.
  • Quality construction.
  • Bespoke designs available to customers specification
  • Top quality hydraulics throughout
  • Each crane has been individually tested to 25% overload as a complete unit.
  • Test certificate / letter of conformity supplied with each crane
  • Comes with a 12 month guarantee.
Layed Down Road Version

Road use version

Site use only version

Site use only version

Floor Cranes With Spark Resistant Features / Explosion proof.

For Floor cranes to be used in potentially explosive areas / atmospheres such as Zone 1 or 2, SELS can include any anti-sparking features that our customers specify - this will increase its anti-sparking properties and therefore make the crane more suitable for use in a potentially explosive environment!

SELS will not to take the responsibility of supplying our floor cranes described as 'spark proof' as this is ‘too broad’ a term. We believe that total compliance is probably impossible because of the mechanical operation and movement of a floor crane; i.e. we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that no part of the assembly is capable of generating a spark which could ignite a flame!  IE: SELS will supply / manufacture cranes with anti sparking features to our customer’s requirements though will not certified them as sparkproof / explosion proof. Our cranes have been successfully supplied to customers in the offshore Oil and Gas industry in the UK on this basis.


Indicative Dimensional Drawings

This dimensional specifications sheet is for indication only and does not contain the trailer aspects of the floor crane.
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