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Tractel "Stopfor AP" Automatic and Manual Operation. Vertical Guided Fall Arrester. Rope Grab Options to Suit 14mm Synthetic Rope

Model:  stopfor AP / TSAA-3885

Stopfor Connector

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Tractel Stopfor AP Automatic Guided Fall Prevention Device - Optional Connectors and Rope

Stopfor Ap Technical DrawingTractel Stopfor Ap

The Stopfor AP is a component in a fall arrest system which consists of a stranded rope (1 - NOT included), the sliding rope grab with automatic locking attached to the rope and a lanyard connecting the rope grab to the harness.

The Stopfor AP has two tripping systems : the conventional system which operates by the swivelling of the operating lever, and the new “antipanic” system. It also has a locking function.

The Stopfor AP allows the user maximum mobility while providing total safety for work on a vertical plane. In the event of a fall, two separate tripping systems engage the jaw (2) on the rope and stop the fall smoothly. With the conventional tripping system, the operating lever is free and swivels by the action of the force applied by the user via the lanyard. With the new “antipanic” system, if the lever is held open by the user when he falls, the roller detects the increase in speed and causes the jaw to close.

The Stopfor AP has a function which locks the grab on the rope (7). This allows the user to create an anchor point on the rope and work held by the rope.

The Stopfor AP has a hinge for inserting the rope in  the device, which is held closed by a captive screw and locknut.

A safety device (3) prevents the unit from closing if the Stopfor AP  is installed upside down on the rope, with the directional arrow pointing downwards.


  • Double safety system for opening and closingAnti-panic device.
  • Upside down mounting prevention system.
  • Locking function for working held by rope.
  • Directional arrow.
  • Cannot be dismantled.
  • Maintenance-free (an operating inspection before each use is adequate).
  • Finish : bright stainless steel.
  • Attachment of the rope grab to the D-ring on the back of the harness via built-in connector.
  • Attachment of the rope to a strong anchor point (10kN), via an appropriate connector.
Tractel Stopfor Ap Close Up
Tractel Stopfor Ap Technical Drawing 2

Technical specifications

  • Stopfor AP weight  without lanyard : 760g
  • Stopfor AP weight with lanyard : +/- 1Kg
  • Dimensions : 105x110x75mm.
  • Complies with standard: NF EN 353-2 dated 05/93.
  • CE type examination certificate:
  • APAVE no.0082/352/160/06/01/01.
  • Rope : PA reference 14 ISO 1140, blue thread
  • Spliced lanyard : PA reference 12 ISO 1140, blue thread.
  • Stopfor : AISI 430 cut stainless steel.
  • Plastic component : High density PE.
  • Connector complies with NF EN 362 dated 05/93.

Permissible attachments

  • Anchorage device (EN 795).
  • Flexible rope (ø 14 mm textile rope)
  • Connectors (EN 362).
  • Fall arrest harness (EN 361).


  • Panic jaw triggering device
  • Locking System for support working
  • Supplied with 30cm webbing lanyard

Connector Options

M10 Connector - 18mm Opening two tone steel manual screw
M11 Connector - 17mm opening two tone steel semi auto
M41 Connector - 21mm opening two tone steel double trigger auto.jpg
10 Connector - 18mm Opening two tone steel manual screw M11 Connector - 17mm opening two tone steel semi auto M41 Connector - 21mm opening two tone steel double trigger auto
TS stopfor A_AP_GB watermark.pdf

Stopfor AP Technical Datasheet

(approx. 0.2Mb)
Stopfor Operating and Maintenance Instructions GB.pdf

Stopfor Operating and Maintenance Instructions

(approx. 1.3Mb)

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