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Tractel Vertytrac "Pylon Worker's Kit" with 2Pt Harness, Work Positioning Belt, Pole Strap, Sling, 20m Auto Rope Grab & Carry Bag

Model:  Pylo. Kit. / TPWK-3824

HT42 Harness
LCM 02 Cam Tensioning Device
M10 Connector
CE02 Belt
HT42 Harness LCM 02 Cam Tensioning Device M10 Connector CE02 Belt
Combipro Bag
Stopfor SL
14mm Braided Rope
AS19 Anchor
Combipro Bag Stopfor SL 14mm Polyamide Rope AS 19 Anchor
Part N° Kit Contains Guide Price Quantity
3824-T21542 HT42 Harness, LCM 02 Cam Tensioning Device, M10 Connector, CE02 Belt, Combipro Bag, Stopfor SL, 14mm Polyamide Rope, AS 19 Anchor £  403.00
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Tractel Pylon workers kit.

Pylon Workers Kit

This kit is no longer available. Please see our complete range of height safety kits for a possibly suitable alternative.

Each kit contains.

  • Harness HT 42 with a back anchor point: yellow zinc bichromated, two thoracique anchor point and adjustable thoracique webbing with quick fitting buckle
  • Safety belt CE 02 two wide easy access forged steel fastening buckles.
  • LCM 02 2-41 cam tensioning devices on stranded rope 16 mm.
  • 14 mm 3-strand polyamide fibre rope for fall arrest rope or making lanyards 20m.
  • Stopfor SL 03 M10.
  • Connector M10 made from two tone steel with 18mm opening.
  • AS 19, 0.6 m for anchoring on a structure on which a fall-arrest system has been installed.
  • Combipro bag.
Model Code
Pylon workers kit 40042

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