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Tractel "Mobifor" Mobile Deadweight Fall Arrest Anchorage System, Complies with standard EN 795 E

Model:  Mobifor / TMDF-4169

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Mobifor anchorage system is a mobile, dead weight anchor device for use on roofs up to 5 degree pitch.


The Mobifor is made of sixteen 22kg weights made of concrete containing steel particles which are positioned on four steel arms connected at the centre by a joining plate equipped with a rotary anchor point with energy dissipator.

The Mobifor is a fast, reliable solution for setting up a temporary or permanent anchor on terrace roofs.

No drilling is required to install the Mobifor on a terrace roof, thus eliminating the roof tightness problems which drilling can carry. Anchoring strength is ensured by the adherence and weight of the anchor point on the structure.

Technical characteristics

Mobifor’s features :

  •  Four galvanised steel arms, each intended to receive and lock sixteen 22kg weights ;
  • Mobifor is equipped with a stainless steel INRS energy dissipator serving as a 360° rotary anchor point. The dissipator is used to connect the fall arrest system and absorb the forces in the event of a fall.
  • The concrete weights containing steel particles are highly compact, thus significantly decreasing the space required on the installation surface. The weights are designed with large handles for easy handling purposes.
  • Weight :360kg.
  • Code 0199719.

The Mobifor is designed for all terrace roofs with slope less than 5°.

Its patented design ensures quick installation in less than 5 minutes.

By eliminating the need to drill the structure or to use any tools, this anchor point represents an easy-to-use safety element which can be implemented in places where traditional anchoring systems are impossible to install.

By the miniaturised, ergonomic design of the weights, the user can access the terrace roofs without the need for specific lifting equipment to install the anchor point.

Mobifor In Use

Easy Installation

No Tools Required :

  • The connecting plate is set up with no need to drill holes in the roof.
  • The arms click into the plate.
  • The weights automatically interlock.

Easy To Set Up :

  • Takes less than 2 minutes to set up.
  • Ergonomic weights with large handles.
  • The weights are easy to lift and carry since the overall weight is distributed on 16 separate miniaturised weights.
  • The weights are easy to install on the arms.

Adapts to All Situations

Mobifor Without Weights
  • Adapts to all horizontal roofs meeting European DTU (Unified Technical Data Package) requirements.

  • Its weight and volume allow for installation in places where traditional anchoring systems cannot be installed.

  • Can be placed on a slope with inclination of up to 5 degrees.
  • Can be installed on the following roof surfaces : EPDM, Bitumen,PVC.
  • User can move over 360° thanks to its rotary INRS anchor point.
  • Can receive all types of fall arrest devices (EN 360, EN 355 and EN 353-2).
  • Can support the weight of a user suspended, and can be used to evacuate a single person at a time.
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Mobifor Technical Sheet

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