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Tractel Vertytrac "Industrial Maintenance Kit 3" with HT42 Harness (Front and Rear Connections) 5 Metre Fall Arrest Inertia Reel , Sling and Carry Bag

Model:  Maint. Kit 3. / TIMK3-3829

Blocfor 6
Temperary anchor point.
Shoulder bag
HT22 Harness Blocfor 6 S AS 19, 0,6m temperary anchor point Shoulder bag
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Industrial maintenance kit with AS 19, 0.6 m temporary anchor points.

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Unfortunately this kit is not longer available. Please see our complete range of height safety kits for a possibly suitable alternative.

Each kit contains

  • Harness HT42- 1 dorsal "Forged D clip" and 2 thoracic ones, 4 adjustment points and sub pelvic strap.
  • AS 19, 0,6m temperary anchor point.
  • Blocfor 6 S lanyard in polyester webbing. The BLOCFOR 6S is equipped with a compact, robust polyamide
    casing. It automatically and freely winds and unwinds a polyamide strap which automatically locks in the event of a fall. The BLOCFOR 6S is equipped with a swivel connector M47 at the end of the strap
    and a screw connector M10 at its upper anchor point.
  • Shoulder bag zip fastening size 430mm x 310mm x 150mm

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