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Tractel "Industrial Maintenance Kit" Fall Arrest kit with Single Point Harness, Economy 1.8m Inertia Reel, Anchorage Strap and Bag

Model:  Maint. Kit 1 / TIMK1-3827

Blocfor 2W
AS 19, 0,6 m
Pocket Bag
Harness HT31. AS 19, 0,6 Blocfor 2W Cloth Bag
Part N° Kit Consist Of Guide Price Quantity
HT31 Harness, AS 19, 0,6, Blocfor 1.8W, Pouch £  167.48
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Industrial maintenance kit with 1.8m Webbing Personal Inertia Reel (Fall Arrest Block).

Industrial Kit

Each kit contains

  • Harness HT31.
  • AS 19, 0,6 m for anchoring on a structure on which a fall-arrest system has been installed.
  • Blocfor 1.8W M10-M47. The blocfor range ensures an automatic braking function in the event of a fall; the fall height is restricted by the immediate brake reaction.
  • Pouch zip fastening size 400mm x 290mm x 20mm.

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