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Tractel Elytrac "HT Transport" Rope Access Fall Arrest Harness with Front and Rear 'D' Rings & Work Positioning Belt

Model:  HT Transport / THTH-3838

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Tractel HT Transport Rope Access Harness
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HT transport harness for electrical pylon working. Conforms to EN358 EN361 EN831.

HT Transport Harness

The transport Harness is designed for interventions on pylons when working at great heights.

The harness comprises a back anchorage point, a braided fabric chest anchorage point, two anchorage points on the belt and a stomach suspension point made of braided fabric.

The transport harness is particularly comfortable. The original design of its shoulder straps provides freedom of movement to the shoulders by the strap which slides in the back anchorage point.

By its automatic buckles, the harness is easy to fit on and comes in three.

Sizes: S / M / XL.

Technical specifications

  • Fall prevention device fastening point, forged dorsal "D" ring.
  • Fall prevention device fastening point sternal webbing textile.
  • Cloth ventral support fastening point.
  • Two forged "D" ring lateral support fastening points.
  • 5 adjustment points.
  • Large capacity tool holders.
  • Padded belt and leg straps.

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