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Tractel Elytrac "HT Greentool Harness" Fall Arrest Harness with Integrated Boatswains Seat, Rear Anchorage 'D' Ring and work positioning Belt.

Model:  HT Greentool / THGH-3837
Manufacturing Standard: EN358/EN361

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Tractel ElyTrac HT Greentool Harness
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HT greentool harness developed for users working suspended over a void or working in difficult positions at heights to EN361 & EN358.

Greentool HT Harness

Unfortunately this harness has now been superseded by a newer model of the HT Greentool Harness.

The Greentool HT harness has been developed for users working suspended over a void or working in difficult positions at heights.

The harness is very comfortable in use and is intended for tree trimmers and workers on rope working over extended periods of time.

Equipped with:

  • 1 back fall arrest attachment point.
  • 2 lateral attachment points for securing the work position.
  • 2 suspension attachment points on the ends of the saddle.

Adjustment features include:

  • 3 automatic buckles on the belt and leg straps for fast installation and adjustment.

  • 2 striated rectangular buckles for adjustment of the shoulder straps.

Open-cell cellular foam securing waist belt which is sealed and rigid.

The exterior side is made of waterproof woven polyamide which is highly resistant to abrasion.

The interior side is lined with terry cloth to absorb the user's perspiration.

The belt is equipped with a rigid work saddle implementing the same design as the securing belt. The saddle is adjustable to the workers body.

The free-sliding shoulder strap in the back ring provides the worker full freedom of movement while dissociating the shoulder movements from the rest of the body.

Sizes: S/ M/ XL

Satisfies the requirements of standards EN 358 / EN 361.

Technical characteristics

  • Polyester webbing.
  • Automatic adjustment buckles made of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Striated rectangular buckles made of stainless steel.
  • Attachment ring made of zinc-plated steel.
  • Belt and saddle made of sealed cellular foam.
  • With interior side lined with terry cloth and exterior side made of woven polyamide.
  • Saddle frame made of steel..

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